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Author: Amy Cowen

Amy Cowen / science writer and social media manager for Science Buddies
Amy Cowen is Online Community Manager at Science Buddies and produces content for the Science Buddies blog, monthly newsletter, and social media streams, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Find her on Google+ and at Twitter.

Recently on the Blog


Seed Dispersal Science: Carried by the Wind

Explore the ways in which the shape and size of a seed influences how far it may travel when carried or blown by wind.


Planting a Solution to Soil Erosion

With inexpensive baking trays and seeds, K-12 students can make model hillsides and explore soil erosion.


The Science of a Very Long Straw

Explore the science of drinking through a straw by making and drinking from a very long straw in this week's science activity spotlight.


Exploring 10,000 Steps a Day with Student Science

Put on a pedometer or fitness band and explore health and human behavior as you walk your way to 10,000 steps a day.


Supporting Girls Doing Science

More than half of the students who visit Science Buddies are girls. Science Buddies is committed to helping encourage girls to explore all areas of science.


Make a Lemon Battery

Lemons may be sour, but in this science activity, getting a charge from a lemon is about electricity, not taste! Explore with a homemade battery.


Make Your Berries Last Longer with Aloe?

Experiment with aloe juice to see if it makes a difference in how long berries last.


Program Summer with Cool Computer Code

Infuse summer downtime with fun opportunities to experiment with computer programming and coding.


Popsicle Trusses

Explore how "shape" relates to strength when using trusses in building.


Historic New Horizons Flyby of Pluto

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto.


Make a Microscope from your Cell Phone

Give an old cell phone new life as a handheld microscope.


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Whirly Bird Aerodynamics

Make and test paper whirly birds to learn more about the aerodynamics of helicopter flight.


Fun Frisbee Science

Test different throwing techniques or compare different Frisbees and learn more about aerodynamics and physics at the same time.


Explore Magnification with a Drop of Water: Weekly Science Spotlight

Use water drops to explore the physics behind mangification.

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