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Author: Amy Cowen

Amy Cowen / science writer and social media manager for Science Buddies
Amy Cowen is Online Community Manager at Science Buddies and produces content for the Science Buddies blog, monthly newsletter, and social media streams, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Find her on Google+ and at Twitter.

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Backyard Bird Science

Summer bird watching projects may help build and reinforce important science observation and recordkeeping skills.


Clean Water and Aquifer Science

Is water that passes through layers of soil to an underground storage space filtered in the process?


Magnetic Train Science

Customize a wooden train and explore the science behind the "magic" of a maglev train.


Look Up: Bird and Astronomy Summer Reading

Summer reading to inspire young birders and young astronomers!


Your Guide to Science Activities for Summer Break

Super science, technology, engineering, and math activities that kids can do at home during summer break.


Spot the Dot Eye Science

Use colored paper and wax paper to explore eye science. Can you make a colored dot disappear?


New Online Summer Science Camp!

Keep kids engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math with Science Buddies Summer STEM Camp!


PPG Volunteers Help Science Buddies Improve Student Chromatography Project

A team of PPG volunteers helped test and improve a popular grape soda biotechnology project.


Density Column Science

Explore density by making a colorful density column at home!


Colorful STEM Projects for Summer Science Fun

Planning summer science? Check this list of bright and colorful STEM activities that are perfect for exciting hands-on science at home.


Unleash the Engineer in You: Tackle Everyday Problems with STEM Projects

Can you fix or improve it? Hone your engineering skills with a wide range of projects that can be done as fun at-home DIY challenges.


Mini Trebuchet Science

Explore physics and engineering with a homemade mini trebuchet!


When a Dog "Nose" Best: Scent Science

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. Some breeds of dogs learn to perform specialized tasks, including helping monitor people with Type 1 Diabetes.


Student Science for DNA Day

Explore genetics and genomics STEM projects for K-12 students.


Citizen Science for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with increased awareness of citizen science and the many opportunities that exist for families to contribute to global research.

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