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Author: Amy Cowen

Amy Cowen / science writer and social media manager for Science Buddies
Amy Cowen is Online Community Manager at Science Buddies and produces content for the Science Buddies blog, monthly newsletter, and social media streams, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Find her on Google+ and at Twitter.

Recently on the Blog


A Saucy Thanksgiving

Kitchen science to tie in with Thanksgiving foods and favorites.


Science, Biochemistry, and Sugar

Sugar Metabolism Kit enables students to explore science questions related to sugars and the human body.


Family History Fuels Student Engineer's Passion for Medical Engineering

A family member's medical condition fuels a young Maker's interest in biomedical engineering.


Explore Diabetes with Student STEM

Learn more about diabetes with related hands-on science projects and activities.


Spooktacular Halloween Science

Explore great hands-on projects and activities that tie in with Halloween.


Pumpkin Power Project

Experiment to find out which fruits and vegetables can be used to generate electricity.


Enter the Verizon App Challenge

The Verizon Innovative Learning app challenge encourages students to move from technology users to technology creators.


Halloween Robots

Build your own Halloween-inspired robots as a class, after-school, or family robotics activity!


Digital Classroom: Scientific Method Quiz

New quizzes and interactive tools help teachers assess student understanding and can be easily added to Google Classroom as student assignments.


Sound Science with a String and a Hanger

Experiment to explore how some materials transmit sound better than others.


Smart Science Project Display Boards

Our guide takes the mystery out of building a great science project display board!


Raise Your Voice against Cyberbullying

A new website and downloadable guide helps parents better understand and talk about cyberbullying with their kids.


Gas and the Size of a Marshmallow

Kitchen science: explore laws of chemistry that can be observed by experimenting with the air surrounding a marshmallow!


Digital Classroom: Making the (Login) Connection

What you need to know about logging in at Science Buddies with Google Classroom.


Baking Soda Bubbles and the Science of Sour

Use baking soda to find out whether or not a food is sour in this "bubbly" kitchen chemistry activity.

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