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Drinking Up Water Science During a Drought

July 22, 2014 12:00 PM
For families living in drought conditions, careful monitoring of water usage is especially important. With hands-on science and engineering projects, students can investigate water-saving strategies and science and engineering related...


From Parking Space to Parklet: Civil Engineering and City Planning

July 18, 2014 12:00 PM

City parklets provide interesting challenges for engineers, designers, and planners. With software from Autodesk and a fun Digital STEAM Workshop challenge, students can design their own parklets and see what is involved in reimagining a few parking spots as a social space.


Pharmacist: A Science Career in Patient Health Care

July 15, 2014 8:00 AM

As the number of medications continues to rise, pharmacists play an increasingly powerful role in helping ensure patient wellbeing, safety, and quality of life. Beyond an apple a day, feeling better may require advice from a pharmacist!


Seeing Is (Not Always) Believing!

July 11, 2014 8:00 AM

Visual illusions and other optical puzzles are fun for families to share and explore. With hands-on science projects and activities, students can create and test their own visual illusions--including a cool infinity mirror!


Marinade Science: Weekly Science Activity

July 10, 2014 9:00 AM

School and family science weekly spotlight: the science of marinades


Making a Game of City Planning: Students Explore Civil Engineering

July 9, 2014 9:00 AM

A fun SimCity science project from Science Buddies helps turn in-game city planning into a science experiment, one students can also use to enter the annual Future City competition.


Bike Science: The Physics Behind Cycling

July 6, 2014 8:00 AM

What do gears and tires have to do with who wins a race—or how long it takes to ride to the corner store? Find out with hands-on sports science projects that help tie science to the sports kids love to do and watch.

Family Science Activity: Make a Milk Rainbow

Recently on the Science Buddies Blog


Red, White, and Blue with Soft Circuits

When you combine your circuitry know-how with fabric, you can, literally, wear your electronics on your sleeve. Students experiment with e-textiles.


Girls, Boys, Video Gaming, and Summer Survey Science

What variables make a game popular with players, and do boys and girls choose different types of games? Design a survey-based science project this summer and do some statistical analysis of the data you gather. Your results might be eye...


Nick and Tesla Explore Robotics

Twins Nick and Tesla wind up in the middle of robotics intrigue while staying with their scientist uncle over the summer.


Fun with Fireworks Science: When Chemicals Burn

Fireworks displays are fun to watch and a tradition accompanying many community celebrations. With a simple family science activity, the mystery behind the dazzling night-time sky show can be explored. This is colorful hands-on summer science—minus the "boom" of fireworks...


Powering a Raft with Surface Tension: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: surface tension used to power a small raft.


Eye on Science: Student Essay Winner Helps Engage Students with Science

Lauren Killingsworth, a recent high school graduate, already has an impressive resume of stem cell research that may contribute to future treatments for blindness. Out of the lab, she is making a difference in the lives of both students in...


Password Games: Understanding and Testing Online Passwords

Computer bugs and vulnerabilities like the Heartbleed bug provide frightening reminders of how important it is to set strong passwords online. Students can learn more about password practices and experiment with testing passwords by using and improving a password-guessing program...


3D Modeling Layer by Layer: A Glue It Together Introduction to 3D Printing

3D printing has opened a cool new frontier of custom manufacturing that brings freedom to individuals interested in design, invention, or just in need of a rare or unusual part. With a hands-on modeling and design project using Autodesk 123D...


Families and Fingerprints: Weekly Science Activity

Weekly family science activity: are fingerprint patterns inherited and shared among family members?


World Cup Soccer Scores One for Science

From physics to statistics, science plays a big role in soccer. As the World Cup unfolds this summer, watch the games, cheer on your favorite teams, and see science in action! By Kim Mullin Image: Flickr, Peter DuttonSports fans all...


Expanding and Contracting Gases: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: how gases expand and contract in response to temperature.


Bringing Science Magic to the Classroom

A magic milk rainbow may be all about what's happening at the surface level between milk and soap, but when kids create the magic, the learning excitement is palpable. For Lily Ardent, hands-on science activities are a great way to help kids uncover the magic of science. We couldn't agree more!


Science Activities: Fun Science Perfect for Home or School

Science Buddies has added a new "activities" section to its award-winning science education website. The new science activities complement the existing library of science fair project ideas but bridge the gap between science "assignment" or "independent project" and doing science...


Geodesic Gumdrop Dome: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: build a simple geodesic dome from candies and toothpicks.


Science-minded Twins in a Tale of Summer Intrigue

Twins Nick and Tesla launch a homemade rocket right into the heart of an unexpected mystery in book one of this fun science and engineering-themed series for middle readers. Sent to stay with an uncle for the summer, the kids quickly find their DIY spirit and engineering wits are going to be key tools in helping unravel what's going on—and keeping them safe from the jaws of some very unfriendly guard dogs!

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