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An inside look at student science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) projects, activities, success stories, and real-world connections.


From Wooden Train to the Magic of Maglev

September 11, 2014 8:00 AM

Science Buddies in Action: For a third grade student with an interest in science and pinewood derby cars, the Maglev Train project combined a fun DIY activity with engaging science.


Boosting Biotechnology Learning in Local Schools

September 9, 2014 6:00 AM

With support from Amgen and the Lawrence Hall of Science, high school biology in the Bay Area has gotten a world-class boost of biotechnology. The Amgen Biotechnology Experience gives teachers and students the opportunity to experiment with sophisticated hands-on science...


Rosetta Pulls Alongside Jupiter Family Comet: Student Space Science Projects

September 5, 2014 9:30 AM

The Rosetta spacecraft may help provide information about the formation of the solar system and planet Earth. Students and classes explore comets and space science through hands-on science projects.


Homemade Compass: Weekly Science Activity

September 4, 2014 9:30 AM

School and family science weekly spotlight: make a homemade compass from household materials.


Tie-Dye Using Permanent Markers: Weekly Science Activity

August 28, 2014 8:00 AM

School and family science weekly spotlight: learn more about the chemistry of solubility while making your own tie dye using permanent markers.


Science Buddies Annual Report: Supporting STEM Education

August 27, 2014 6:00 AM

Science Buddies 2013 Annual Report: STEM: BUILDING 21st CENTURY CITIZENS


New Bristlebot Science Kit for Student Robotics!

August 22, 2014 9:40 AM

With new Bristlebot Kit from the Science Buddies Store, students can build three styles of introductory robots and learn more about robotics engineering.

Featured Science Kit from the Science Buddies Store

Recently on the Science Buddies Blog


Seeing Tonic Water Glow: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: experiment with tonic water and a black light to learn more about fluorescence and light energy!


Taste Test: Do You have the Papillae of a Supertaster?

Are you a picky eater? Maybe there is a scientific reason for your reluctance to eat certain foods even if you know they are good for you. Find out with a tongue-dyeing taste-testing science project!


Now Playing: The Perseid Meteor Showers

Catch the annual Perseids meteor shower and tie in some fun family astronomy science with an exploration of parallax. How far away are the things we see in the sky?


Pizza Box Solar Oven: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: make a solar oven from household and recycled materials.


Holey Porous Rock Science!

With different kinds of dried beans, plastic cups, and water, kids can model rocks and observe the way different sized particles in rocks affect how much water a rock can hold.


Crash Testing Calculators: Product Engineering and the Road to Improved Durability

Students can experiment with the engineering design process by trying to improve the durability of a simple handheld device.


Melting Ice: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: melting ice chemistry.


Drinking Up Water Science During a Drought

For families living in drought conditions, careful monitoring of water usage is especially important. With hands-on science and engineering projects, students can investigate water-saving strategies and science and engineering related to water conservation. Above: The effect of drought can be...


From Parking Space to Parklet: Civil Engineering and City Planning

City parklets provide interesting challenges for engineers, designers, and planners. With software from Autodesk and a fun Digital STEAM Workshop challenge, students can design their own parklets and see what is involved in reimagining a few parking spots as a social space.


Pharmacist: A Science Career in Patient Health Care

As the number of medications continues to rise, pharmacists play an increasingly powerful role in helping ensure patient wellbeing, safety, and quality of life. Beyond an apple a day, feeling better may require advice from a pharmacist!


Seeing Is (Not Always) Believing!

Visual illusions and other optical puzzles are fun for families to share and explore. With hands-on science projects and activities, students can create and test their own visual illusions--including a cool infinity mirror!


Marinade Science: Weekly Science Activity

School and family science weekly spotlight: the science of marinades


Making a Game of City Planning: Students Explore Civil Engineering

A fun SimCity science project from Science Buddies helps turn in-game city planning into a science experiment, one students can also use to enter the annual Future City competition.


Bike Science: The Physics Behind Cycling

What do gears and tires have to do with who wins a race—or how long it takes to ride to the corner store? Find out with hands-on sports science projects that help tie science to the sports kids love to do and watch.


Red, White, and Blue with Soft Circuits

When you combine your circuitry know-how with fabric, you can, literally, wear your electronics on your sleeve. Students experiment with e-textiles.

Science Buddies Science Activities

Science Buddies and Autodesk for Student STEM Exploration

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