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The Science Buddies Blog gives students, teachers, and parents an inside look at student science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) projects, activities, success stories, and real-world connections.

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From Wooden Train to the Magic of Maglev

Science Buddies in Action: For a third grade student with an interest in science and pinewood derby cars, the Maglev Train project combined a fun DIY activity with engaging science.


Boosting Biotechnology Learning in Local Schools

With support from Amgen and the Lawrence Hall of Science, high school biology in the Bay Area has gotten a world-class boost of biotechnology. The Amgen Biotechnology Experience gives teachers and students the opportunity to experiment with sophisticated hands-on science...


Rosetta Pulls Alongside Jupiter Family Comet: Student Space Science Projects

The Rosetta spacecraft may help provide information about the formation of the solar system and planet Earth. Students and classes explore comets and space science through hands-on science projects.


Holey Porous Rock Science!

With different kinds of dried beans, plastic cups, and water, kids can model rocks and observe the way different sized particles in rocks affect how much water a rock can hold.


Eye on Science: Student Essay Winner Helps Engage Students with Science

Lauren Killingsworth, a recent high school graduate, already has an impressive resume of stem cell research that may contribute to future treatments for blindness. Out of the lab, she is making a difference in the lives of both students in...


Galactic Curiosity: Fifth Grade Student Charts a Science Course for the Stars

Sometimes it only takes a tiny spark, a chance meeting, or, maybe, running into an unknown word to ignite an interest that may guide a student into the future. With a string of astronomy science projects and a passion for...


Science Buddies Success Story a Finalist in Global Challenge with Girls in STEM Project

A few year ago, Laura did a science project on bacteria and water bottles. Today, she is a finalist in a global challenge and encouraging other girls to get excited about STEM!


First Grader Puts the Science of Fruits and Gelatin to the Test

You like your gelatin desserts solid and jiggly but not runny, right? A kitchen chemistry experiment reveals why certain gelatin and fruit combinations might appear at a potluck or picnic and not others. For this student and her family, the...


Exploring Acid Dyeing with Eggs and Ties: A Student Science Success Story

This student's school science fair project yielded a few dozen eggs sporting the prints of various recycled ties salvaged from closets and secondhand stores. These eggs are not ones to eat, but for this young scientist, egg dyeing brought the...


Tackling a Stinky Situation: A Student Science Success Story

Kate Lande hasn't ever run into a skunk, but thanks to her 6th grade science project, she knows all about the role of oxidation in combatting stinky smells. Student Science in the Real World As a 6th grade student, Kate...


Teachers who Pin: Teachers Find Support and Inspiration for Science Education at Pinterest

Teachers may or may not be tweeting their science lesson plans or sharing every hands-on engineering classroom activity at Facebook, but they are finding inspiration and community at Pinterest, where discovering new ideas and approaches to teaching is fun, visual,...


Student Robotics: A Fourth-grade Student Explores Virtual Robots with VoxCAD

With open source software and guided directions from Science Buddies, students can explore the ways in which robotics engineers test designs before choosing which designs to prototype. This student put her own robots to the test—on her computer—and walked away...


Top Science Student Benefits from Science Buddies Project Guides

Students conducting science projects at all levels can find resources and guidance at Science Buddies. --> Pictured above: Michael Shao at the 2013 Intel International Engineering and Science Fair Science Buddies for Every K-12 Student Science Buddies has resources for...


Top Science Teacher Inspires Student Science with Science Buddies

For this middle school science teacher, Science Buddies has a front-row seat in the classroom, providing support for hands-on student science fair projects and for curricular and extra-curricular planning. Students and Teachers Find Hands-on Science Success with Science Buddies Angela...


Student Physics: Accelerometer on a Trampoline

For his 8th grade science project, Jonathan Stewart gave the "The Chills and Thrills of Roller Coaster Hills" Project Idea a new, bouncy, twist. When it was time for his science project, the local amusement park was already closed...


Student Creates Science Alliance Network to Increase Science Mentoring

Christina Ren, a high school junior and founder of Science Alliance Network believes student-to-student mentorship is key to keeping young kids excited about science.


Girls Explore Engineering with Marble Run Challenge

Getting girls inspired about engineering can be as simple as giving them the tools and a fun hands-on challenge to solve. Thanks to community support from Northrop Grumman, a group of Maryland middle school girls tested their marble run mettle...


Seeing Student Hands-on Science in Action: Building a Crystal Radio

Check out a series of Crystal Radio science experiment photos from a 5th grade student using the Science Buddies Crystal Radio Kit.


Blindfolds On: Designing Video Games for the Visually Impaired

Two students in LA took an audible cue from the community for their fourth-grade science project and designed a sound-based video game. Their first video game design project gave them an inside look into how games are designed, built, and...


Artificial Intelligence and Cancer Diagnosis: Meet the 2012 Google Science Fair Winner

According to senior Brittany Wenger, programming computers to think for themselves in the name of science may change the face of cancer diagnosis. Using cloud technology to both share data and feed her program, Wenger's Google Science Fair project blends...


InnovatioNation: Bringing Biotechnology to Local Classrooms

Life Technologies' InnovatioNation helps introduce students to biotechnology and to the role of science in addressing global concerns. Teachers participating in InnovatioNation use Science Buddies to help support the science curriculum and their school science fair. Life Technologies Foundation's InnovatioNation...


Success Story: Lip Balm Project Shines at Science Fair

Americans spend billions on cosmetics every year. Who creates and tests all of these shampoos and lotions? Cosmetic chemists! By Kim Mullin (Image, courtesy of Sesar family)-->Emma Sesar was surrounded by science fair attendees last Spring as she handed out...


Success Story: Student Engineer Tests Solar-Powered Robot

This fourth-grade student had fun building and playing with a solar-powered bot—and learned about alternative energy and electricity in the process! (Image, courtesy of Hilliard family)-->As a fourth-grade student, Keeley (above) investigated how effective different light sources are for a...


High School Scientist Develops Cancer Screening Test

A top math and science student, fifteen-year-old Jack Andraka swept the 2012 Intel ISEF with his pancreatic cancer screening test. His project involved countless hours in the lab, a determined search for a mentor, and loads of perseverance. Jack Andraka,...


Success Story: Science Fair Projects with Real-World Impact

A science teacher at Brawerman Elementary School in Los Angeles views Science Buddies as an indispensable classroom partner, especially when it comes to helping students locate quality science Project Ideas—in all areas of interest. Above: Teacher Lisa Niver Rajna with...


Success Story: Renewable Energy Ignites the Imagination of a Young Chemist

A 6th-grader combines his interests in chemistry and renewable energy with a particular goal in mind: to save the world with science! By Kim Mullin Matthew Early, pictured above, turned his enthusiasm for renewable energy into a winning science project....


Success Story: Zapping Zits in the Name of Science

A Science Buddies Ask an Expert advisor guides a budding microbiologist through a project on the scourge of the teenage years: acne! By Kim Mullin In his senior-year science project, Matthew Brewer (pictured above) tackled a problem familiar to many...


Student Shares Story of Garage-based Lab and Wins Bio-Rad Scholarship

In an essay he wrote as part of an application for a science scholarship offered by Bio-Rad Laboratories, this high school senior highlights the importance of hands-on science. Walk into his lab, through his words, and see the shine of...


Success Story: Student Has Science Fair Success All Wrapped Up

Sixth-grader explores the ancient Egyptian science of mummification and learns that history and science make a winning pair! For her sixth grade science project, Emily Aguilar (pictured above) learned more about Egyptian history by mummifying a hot dog. Emily's science...


Success Story: A Video Game for the Blind

Dylan Viale's fifth-grade science project gave him a chance to share something he enjoys with his grandmother, who is blind. Designing his first video game ever, Dylan created Quacky's Quest, a maze game you don't have to see to play!...


Success Story: The Science of Video Games

Three years in a row, this fifth grader has turned his interest in video games into a winning science investigation. For Xavier, a new science project assignment is a great opportunity to learn about another aspect of game design and...

Success Story: Tracking Wolves

By Kim Mullin Exciting project about wolf movement and behavior grabs the attention of an animal-lover preparing for his first science fair. -->Tracking wild Minnesota wolves for your 6th-grade science project? When you live in Louisiana? As this animal enthusiast...


Science Buddies Volunteer Wins Intel Science Talent Search

Nithin Tumma, a previous student mentor at Science Buddies, wins Intel Science Talent Search for cancer research project. Nithin Tumma, winner of this year's Intel Science Talent Search Each year, thousands of students complete science projects and participate in science...


Gold Star Science: A Student-Run Science Fair

Jackie, a tenth grade student and avid Girl Scout, is on a dual-headed quest to spark excitement about science in middle school students—and to earn the Girl Scouts' highest award. Jackie Rapport (pictured above) presented her plan for a county-wide...

Success Story: From Newspaper to Fuel

By Amy Cowen --> A student's investigation into biofuel finds support and mentorship in the Science Buddies Ask an Expert forums. Assistance from a Bio-Rad Expert helped fuel Naima's interest in environmental science and led to a successful advanced science...


Success Story: Family Health History Sparks Student Project

Science Buddies' Topic Selection Wizard zeroes in on the perfect project for a student curious about the pulmonary illness affecting her family. While completing her project, this student gained hands-on experience in life sciences and a better understanding of how exercise can keep lungs healthy.


The "Bloom" of Successful Inquiry

Mikaela May, student at Crowley High School, Crowley Texas, with her award winning project. Mikaela May's world is one of full of flowers... real flowers at the floral shop where she works. As an agriscience student and dedicated Future...


Second Grader Puts Squanto's Advice to the Test

McCray, a 2nd grader at Piney Grove Elementary in North Carolina, won 2nd place with his "which fertilizer works best" science project! Science Buddies knows that students are often most successful doing science projects that tie in with an interest...

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