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Hands-on Science Activities

Science is not just something taught in the classroom or demonstrated at science fairs. Science is all around us every day! From a trip to the amusement park (see "Roller Coaster Science: Marbles, Tubes, and Loops") to a conversation about your child's favorite video game (see "Slingshot Science: The Physics in Angry Birds"), ordinary life moments are often full of science. With a bit of guidance, these moments can be turned into fun and educational family activities and science discussions. Not only do these family experiments and hands-on investigations promote learning and scientific awareness. Doing science with your kids is a great opportunity for quality family time!

Nearly every Science Buddies Project Idea can be transformed into a family-friendly, hands-on science activity, but some projects are especially good for at-home exploration. With just a bottle of Elmer's® glue and a few other drugstore items, your family can design a bridge or mix up a batch of silly putty. Add a balloon, and a piece of foam board can be transformed into a hovercraft for a new spin on transportation and aerodynamics. Sound like fun? Below are a selection of other handpicked science projects that make great family hands-on science activities with minimal setup and materials that you may already have on hand.

For additional ideas about how to easily integrate science in to your family life, visit the Science Buddies Blog.

Try Some Of These Fun Science Activities!

All About Me
Build It


Kitchen Creations
Outdoor Fun
Natural World


Try It Out
Whiz Boom Bang

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Grocery stores, drugstores, and craft stores are all good places for picking up supplies for home science activities. Check out Elmer's special offers for rebates and coupons for other useful activity supplies, like foam board.