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Classroom Activities

Science Buddies has adapted some of our more popular project ideas into at-home, in-class, or after-school activities. Each activity comes with student instructions and a facilitator guide with just enough information to help anyone lead a good discussion on the science behind the activity.

Science Buddies Classroom Activities provide background science information, straightforward steps, and the opportunity for hands-on inquiry for students seeking science inspiration. Plus, many of these activities can be prepped and completed in a short amount of time, making them easy to integrate into a classroom setting.

Inquiry-based Classroom Science Activities

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Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences; illustration of an atom
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Life Sciences

Life Sciences; photo of an insect under a magnifying glass
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Earth Science

Earth Science; image of planet Earth
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Math & Computer Science

Math; image of chalkboard with addition problem
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Extending Science Activities with Creative Displays

Students are often excited about what they saw or learned while engaged in a science activity. Teachers and science activity leaders can help extend that excitement by encouraging students to invent exciting ways of displaying their newly gained science knowledge. This process can be fun and creative, while also reinforcing the scientific information and further incorporating other academic skills, like reading and writing.

Elmer's butterfly science project display board Elmer's planet science project display book flower science project display poster
With a box of glue sticks, foam board, and other Elmer's® school products, along with their own creativity, students can create displays like these. The displays enable them to share their enthusiasm about science and the scientific principles they have learned. For instructions on putting together these and other fun displays, visit Elmer's School Projects page. Images courtesy of Elmer's Products, Inc.

Support for Teachers from Elmer's

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