HELP needed with "The Power of Suggestion."

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HELP needed with "The Power of Suggestion."

Postby TheKewlGirlSaysHi » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:17 pm

Hey guize!
I need help with this REALLY soon (by November 10th). I'm doing the "Power of Suggestion" and I want to explore the difference between a statement (e.g., "You missed an object.") and a question (e.g., "Do you think you missed an object?"). I tried going on Google, but I have no idea what to type in (and when I do, they give me self-psychological help). PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

Thanks for any help,
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Project Question: I am doing a project based on the power of suggestion, but I want to explore the difference between statements and questions. Any help is appreciated!
Project Due Date: November 16th (the timeline for research). Final science fair project is due February 14th.
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Re: HELP needed with "The Power of Suggestion."

Postby donnahardy2 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:01 pm


Welcome to Science buddies! It sounds like you are planning to do a unique variation of this excellent human behavior project on the Science Buddies website: ... ml#summary

You are very smart to think about doing your background research before starting this project. Unfortunately, this is an abbreviated project idea and does not include a bibliography like most project ideas. I recommend that you do an internet search using "Google scholar." and type in relevant search topics until you find a few similar research articles on this topic. Many of the references in Google scholar will have only the abstract available, but you will be able to find some complete articles as well.

I did a quick search using 'power of suggestion, authority" and found these examples of related articles. You should spend some more time on this to find whatever information is available.

Here is an abstract from Behavior Therapy that might be helpful. ... 9498800269

And, here's one from Teaching and Teacher Education that looks interesting. ... 1X01000373

Do you have access to a university library that would have these journals available? That might be the best way to obtain the original references and the information you need for background reading on your project?

Also, you should contact a professional psychologist and ask for more information. This is definitely a project where a knowledgeable professional should be able to answer your questions.

Also, you should read the information from this website on science projects involving human subjects. You may need to get preapproval for this project, and you definitely will need a signed consent form from all of your test subjects.

Please post again if you need more information.

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