using caries indicator for tooth decay

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using caries indicator for tooth decay

Postby darlenegrimshaw » Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:43 am

My daughter wants to do this project to determine the effectiveness of caries indicator to show tooth decay. My dentist gave us teeth, some with visible decay and some without. I know how caries indicator works but can't figure out how to measure the effectiveness. Any suggestions on this?
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Project Question: I want to do an experiment with tooth decay. My dentist recommended measuring the effectiveness of carys solution to indicate tooth decay. I have obtained teeth and the solution and know that how the solution indicates decay but I can't come up with a way to measure the amount of decay or surface area of the tooth. Any suggestions on how to make this measurable and more scientific?
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Re: using caries indicator for tooth decay

Postby donnahardy2 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:26 am


A science project on tooth decay would be an excellent project, and you are right to be concerned about measuring the results... Is your daughter planning to use the bright pink vegetable dye that dentists use or another method? Please describe the measurement technique that you are thinking about using. Ideally, your daughter will want to design a controlled experiment with measurable results.

Has your daughter found any background reference articles? What is the research question? Here is the guide for doing science projects from the Science Buddies website that contains step-by-step suggestions for each stage of a project. ... ndex.shtml

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