My Science Project About the pH of Soil

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My Science Project About the pH of Soil

Postby kureehuh » Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:09 pm

Hello. I need a little help on my science fair project. I need to interview at least one expert about my topic by October 5. That is when our total research (including the interview with the expert) is due.My project is about My science fair project is about how the pH of soil would affect the pH of water. The soil acts as a filter for the water, either making the water more acidic or base depending on the pH of soil. I have some questions about this. Please respond to them ASAP!
Do different types of soil have different pH levels?
What factors can change the pH of soil?
Do plants (for example, decaying plants) affect the soil's pH?
Does salt water affect the soil's pH?
Can bones or material left of animals (mainly fish) affect the soil's pH?
Does the pH of soil become more acidic or base if water is continuously filtered through (such as when testing, pouring water into the soil repeatedly for many trials)?
I repeat, please email me back the answers to my interview ASAP! Thank you! May I ask what your first, the first letter of your middle name, and your last name so that I can use it when citing the sources of information that I received information form. Sorry to ask you for some personal information; if you would rather not respond to my questions at the end, it is not mandatory. Thank you! Email me back ASAP!
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Project Question: Do plants (for example, decaying plants) affect the amount of nitrogen/pH in the soil?
If plants do affect the pH of soil, do they affect it by making the soil more acidic or more alkaline?
Are all soil types the same pH or are they different?
What factors can affect the pH level of soil?
These questions are part of my project about how the pH of soil affects the pH of water.
Project Due Date: Project Research Due Date: October 5
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Re: My Science Project About the pH of Soil

Postby amyc » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:43 am

Hi Elizabeth - I know that the "interview" component is part of many science project assignments. Our Experts at Science Buddies, however, don't answer questions that can be answered with a bit of research by the student. I think you will need to rethink the kinds of questions you are asking to have an Expert reply.

You can find more information about the policy on requesting an interview here:


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