Science Experiment Results

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Science Experiment Results

Postby ScienceLuminol » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:20 pm

Iron shavings, bits and powder did not glow to my Luminol/perborate mixture . I tried each sample twice. I then tried mixing with copper sulfate and it did glow. I do not understand why I am not getting a result from my iron samples.
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Project Question: The science project was to test how different types of iron( shavings, bits and powder) react to a luminol mixture with perborate. We are not getting any glow at all. The kit says it works with blood and we also tried copper sulfate that came with the test to make sure that we did not have a problem with our mixture. The copper sulfate worked. Why are my iron samples not producing a glow. The kit states that I can also use a corroded penny and get a similar reaction,
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Re: Science Experiment Results

Postby Craig_Bridge » Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:14 pm

You might actually be using too much iron for the amount of oxidizer (perborate) you are using.
If all (or most) of the oxidizer reacts with the iron, there might not be enough left to oxidize enuough Luminol to see.

You might try purchasing a small quatity of some 325 mg tablets of Ferrous Sulfate at your local pharmacy. These are over the counter iron supplements. Try grinding one up and seeing if that works. The Ferrous Sulfate and Copper Sulfate are already in their most oxidized states
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