How should I write the research report? HELP DUE WEDNSDAY!!!

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How should I write the research report? HELP DUE WEDNSDAY!!!

Postby starrymustache » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:05 am

I am doing the science buddies Movie Music project for my 8th grade science fair but I am not sure how to write my research report and it is due Jan. 23!!!!
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Re: How should I write the research report? HELP DUE WEDNSDA

Postby theborg » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:26 pm


Welcome to Science Buddies. First question: Have you conducted your research? If so, then the report is your document to convey what you were trying to research, how you conducted your experiment, what the results were, and what issues or difficulties you had. In short, it documents how and why your experiment turned out the way it did. In general your paper should have the following sections/chapters: Title page, Abstract, Body, References, Appendixes, Footnotes, Tables, Figure Captions, and Figures. Unless your teacher has given direction otherwise, they should be in this order as well, with tables and figures appearing at the end of the document. The Body is going to include the bulk of your writing, and include a detailed description of the experiment procedures, assumptions, variables, and test setup. The abstract is going to be a very short description of everything in the body, and should be the last (or nearly the last) element of the report that you write.

Regardless of where you are in your efforts, I suggest taking a look at the Science Buddies Project Guide, located here: ... ndex.shtml

It includes a section on writing the Research Paper, located here: ... aper.shtml

It provides some resources and advice on writing and provides a format and example to follow.
Hope this helps.

Science Buddies science fair guide:

Science Buddies project ideas:
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