Need help on science fair ASAP!!!

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Need help on science fair ASAP!!!

Postby csc » Thu May 05, 2011 7:58 pm

My science fair topic is mathematical sequences found in music. I used a frequency chart from the website and wrote down the frequencies for the notes in the first eight measures of three different selections of music (one classical, one rock, and one Irish). I tried to analyze the data I collected and couldn't find any mathematical sequences whatsoever. But, I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be mathematical sequences and I think I'm just analyzing the data wrong. Is there an easier form of measurement to figure out mathematical sequences found in music?
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Project Question: My topic is mathematical sequences found in music. I measured the frequencies of notes using the website and I didn't found any patterns. Am I analyzing my data wrong?
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Re: Need help on science fair ASAP!!!

Postby barretttomlinson » Fri May 06, 2011 2:34 am


You might want to look into elementary music theory. Here is a web page to get you started(read all rhe way down to the bottom!!):

You may also want to read this Science Buddies project idea and the links in the bibliography section: ... p006.shtml

Science Buddies has a lot of music related projects - some are summarized here: ... -05_PI.pdf

Or look at the Project Wizard on music: ... p?ia=Music

Here are some web pzges on chords and progressions frequently used in music: ... ssions.asp ... sions.html ... ssions.htm

If you read and play around with these resources I think you will discover the answer to your question.

Good luck and have fun!!!

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