Is this a fair rest or not?

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Is this a fair rest or not?

Postby LantoCruise » Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:07 pm

I'm in a really deep hole here.I need to know if its a fair test if I test which portable game device stays on longest.They're both being charged to the same level for trials (e.g: 50,75,100) and with the same model charger.The only thing different is the model of the games, one came out a year after the other. I need to know if this is okay, quickly please!
(P.S: I was also thinking of entering different portable game devices aswell with the same conditions for trials, would that work?)

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Project Question: HELP! I don't think my project is a fair test! My experiment is to see which portable game stays on the longest without dying. If I charge them to the same capacity on each experiment, with the same charger but different model games is it a fair test?
Is charging them to different capacities fair? (e.g: Both charged to 50% Percent)
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Re: Is this a fair rest or not?

Postby Snobs3747 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:04 pm

Hello! What a great idea!
I would say it would be a risk using different game models, because then not all of the variables are the same. This could affect your results as one game could require more battery power than the other.
I am a little bit confused on what the second question is asking. If you are thinking of using more game devices under the same conditions, it could work and make the test have more data.
Please let me know if I didn't answer your questions or if you need more help! Good luck!
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Re: Is this a fair rest or not?

Postby TroyPercival » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:37 pm

Hi Lanto, what is the question you are trying to answer? This project is similar to consumer product testing (battery life testing), if you are testing just two games, then you can only prove one game consumes more battery than the other but unless you tested multiple games that a one year apart, you cannot conclude base on just two games that newer games consume more or less battery than older games. Here is a Science Buddies guide that can help you with coming up with a better question. ... estion.pdf

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