I need help with some research.

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I need help with some research.

Postby sparksxfly » Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:55 am

I'm doing a project on how one's outlook on life (like optimism or pessimism) affects their ability to tell the difference between genuine and fake smiles. I have to use news articles or scientific journals, but I need to have three different sources to write a paper on. Has this project ever been done by an organization? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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Project Question: How does one's outlook on life affect their ability to differentiate between genuine and false smiles?
Project Due Date: 12/21/12
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Re: I need help with some research.

Postby donnahardy2 » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:06 am

Hi Sparksxfly,

Welcome to Science Buddies.! You have chosen a really great project idea A lot of research has been done on this topic in the past and you should be able to find scientific articles for your research paper. For a science project, you should read as much as possible about the topic and then design the details of your project based on prior research.

I think you are doing a project that is similar to this one on the Science Buddies website. Please note that the "Background" section includes a short bibliography. The first article in the bibliography includes 51 additional references and the Wikipedia article includes several additional references.

http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-f ... ml#summary

If you do an internet search for Google Scholar, this will limit the search to includes only scientific sources of information. If you search for "optimism and pessimism and smiling" you will find a few thousand more references. For this topic, please don't limit yourself to just 3 references Take the time to read as many articles and abstracts as you can find so you will become an expert on the subject.

Since this is a behavior project and you will be working with humans to ask them questions, you should also review the rules for doing this type of science projects. You will need permission to do the project and you will need to have each subject sign a consent form to participate.

http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-f ... ects.shtml

Good luck! Please post again if you have any other questions.

Donna Hardy
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