Help With My Project On AstroPhysics

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Help With My Project On AstroPhysics

Postby AstroPie » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:01 pm

Last Year I made it to CWSF, I did not get any medals but I would like to go and really try again now that I know what it is like. last year I did a project based on Physics (refraction) but this year I really want to step it up and go into AstroPhysics. I have done a little research on Cosmic Inflation, but I am finding that it is hard to come up with an experement in astonomy. If anyone has ideas please help :D
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Project Question: I would like to base my project on AstroPhysics, I have thought about looking at Cosmology/Cosmic Inflation, but I really have no idea where to go with it, especially since I live where there aren't any labratories, can you help come up with ideas?
Project Due Date: My Regional Science Fair will be sometime in March, but I am planning on attending National Science Fair for a second year which is in May; I have lots of time but lots to do.
Project Status: I am just starting

Re: Help With My Project On AstroPhysics

Postby Ray Trent » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:37 am

There is an entire section of astronomy related projects in the project ideas section. See here: ... p?ia=Astro
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