bomb calorimeter help!

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bomb calorimeter help!

Postby ita77 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:19 pm

I am conducting ( or trying to) my experiment and the instructions seem to be a bit fuzzy when constructing the bomb calorimeter because it gives 2 ways to deal with the larger coffee can, on is to make it into a cylinder and completely lose the bottom, and the other is to just poke holes at the bottom, which is the right way?
please help i trying to figure this out as we speak :)
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Project Question: I am doing an experiment where we ave to build the bomb calorimeter, i have a question regarding how to assemble it because in the instructions it seems to give 2 different ways, one where i make the larger coffee can a cylinder, and the other in which i just make holes at the bottom, which is the right one?
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Re: bomb calorimeter help!

Postby MelissaB » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:57 am


You need to both remove the bottom of the can AND poke holes in the sides. It's easier to poke holes in the sides before you remove the bottom of the coffee can. The bottom needs to be removed so you can set it over your food item, and the holes need to be there so the flame can get oxygen.

Good luck! Be careful around the open flames!
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