HELP: Smart Medicine Cabinet

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HELP: Smart Medicine Cabinet

Postby sciencerocks2 » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:54 pm

I need help on my science project (I'm going to ask for a lot help on a lot of things). The science project I have chosen is one of the ideas Science Buddies provides: “Smart Medicine Cabinet: Build a Sensor That Reminds Patients When to Take Their Medication*”. This project is abbreviated, so the "project guide" science buddies provides doesn't tell me the procedures or materials for conducting the experiment. There is one paragraph in the "Background" tab that sort of explains what I have to do but not how to do it. There is a diagram on that same tab that helps me a lot more than the paragraph. This project is basically a voltage divider in the form of a sensor. The voltage divider that I have to build consists of two resistors, (I also need two conductive metal pads). I understand most of the diagram because I've been researching things on resistors and voltage divider circuits. I know that if you put a medicine bottle on the gap in between the two conductive metal pads, (when the sensor is complete), the current flows through the metal pads and the bottle, instead of the resistors which causes a voltage change, so I need a multimeter to detect the voltage change. I understand these concepts but I don't know how to actually do them. I'm also not sure about the materials I need, (I'm not sure if I need a breadboard).
Here's what I don't know how to do:
-how to connect the resistors to the battery (5V, I think)
-how to connect the resistors together
-are the metal pads supposed to be connected to the resistors, if so, how
-how to connect a multimeter to the circuit
-if I need a breadboard, where and/or how do I connect the components to it
I understand most of the diagram on the “Background” tab, but I ask if you could explain it even more thoroughly than I currently understand. Sorry if I’m asking too many questions but I’m going to ask for one more…favor, I should say: can you check over my materials list to make sure nothing is missing or I need to fix something on it, please? Here’s the list:
-voltage divider/two resistors I’m pretty sure it has to be a fixed carbon film resistor but correct me if I’m wrong
-two conductive metal pads
-multimeter, (it has to be able to measure voltage obviously)
-breadboard?* I don’t know if I need one
-safety goggles
-display board** (I need for school reasons don’t worry about it**)
-camera to take pictures of process for display board** (school)
By the way, my project, (including display board), is due on March 31, 2014. So, I don’t plan on extending the project with Arduino, (I’m going to stop building the sensor once I finish attaching the multimeter). Here is the link for the “Background” tab and diagram I was talking about (please read): ... background


Please and Thank you for your help and cooperation,
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Project Question: Project:"Smart Medicine Cabinet:Build a Sensor That Reminds Patients to Take Medication*.Project is a voltage divider in form of sensor(2 resistors,w/2 conductive metal pads).When you place a medicine bottle ontop of gap between the metal pads the current flows through the bottle instead of resistors=change of voltage(attach multimeter to detect change).Link for the"Background"of project: ... background
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Re: HELP: Smart Medicine Cabinet

Postby Terik Daly » Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:18 am

Hi sciencerocks2,

I've responded to your questions as a reply to your post in the 6-8 Physical Sciences forum. We ask that you only post your question once and in one forum--it helps us keep track of things, and helps us to better help you.
All the best,
Terik Daly
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