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Home Remedies Science Fair project ideas.

Postby abcpqrxyz » Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:27 am

Okay, so this is a state level science fair, and the topic which my school has selected is "Home remedies are better than medicines". This will be competing with various advanced working projects and so it needs to be good. But I'm not able to think of anything concrete. I thought of comparing the effects of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide on epethelial cells for curing acne. Tea tree oil is known to reduce redness and inflammation but however it takes a long time to cure the acne/ pimple. While benzoyl peroxide on the other hand dries the area within 24 hours but leaves flakey and spotted skin as it removes the natural moisture of the skin unlike tea tree oil which maintains the natural moisture. I know that it is a rather vague idea. I have no idea what to do as it is my first time, partcipating in a science fair. Please give me some suggestions on how I sould go about my project. If you have any better idea for a project on this topic please please type it for my. I'll really appriciate your help. Thank You!
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Project Question: I need to make a project to show that home remedies are, at times, much better than medicines and chemicals. It is a state level science fair and so the project needs to be solid. I thought of comparing the effect of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide on epithelial cells for curing acne but even so, the project doesn't sound very convencing. Do you have any ideas? Please help. The idea and project need to be concrete as people from all over India will be coming to see it.
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Re: Home Remedies Science Fair project ideas.

Postby amyc » Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:25 am

Hi. Have you looked at this project at Science Buddies? http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-f ... p019.shtml

It is similar in concept to the examples you are thinking about. While the project may not map to specifically what you have in mind, you may find looking over the procedure helpful in thinking about how you might test the effectiveness of different remedies.

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