Telling professor about science fair

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Telling professor about science fair

Postby researcher3 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:06 pm

Dear Science Buddies,

I have started working in a lab and the professor says that I can do my own research project if i want to, or she could give me some ideas on areas to research.

The professor knows that I have done science fair in the past (and done well), but I do not think she knows that I want to do science fair this year too. How should I tell her about wanting to present my research in science fair?

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Re: Telling professor about science fair

Postby theborg » Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:17 pm


Thank you for your questions and interest in science.

The short answer is YES. Definitely talk to your professor about presenting your research. From what you've already told us, it sounds like she would be a very valuable resource for you. She should be able to help scope the project so it meets fair guidelines without being overly complex.

About your schedule, I don't know what F and G periods are or what sort of time you have available. I suggest you discuss this with your professor to work out what the best mix of schedule vs workload is to complete the project satisfactorily within the allotted time. Keep in mind to leave time available to do your "other" stuff...I'm sure you have other classes and/or activities you'll have to support. It doesn't do to over-extend yourself and risk failure in one or more of your endeavors.
Hope this helps.

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