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Video Game Projects

Postby MsJaneRm16 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:15 am

I have a number of students who want to work on projects related to computers games, but they are having trouble finding an angle for a project that would make it work for the science fair. Any suggestions?
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Re: Video Game Projects

Postby amyc » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:19 am

Hi MsJaneRm16 - Games and animation are both popular with many students, and turning their interest into a science project is a great way to spark interest in science and engineering!

We recently developed new resources to offer students and teachers additional support for video game design science projects and to make it easier to identify the ways in which this type of project meets curriculum requirements and standards.

Resources for STEM Education Through Video Game & Animation Creation ... l?from=AAE

Tips and Resources for Making Video and Computer Games ... l?from=AAE

Kid-Friendly Programming Languages ... l?from=AAE

Our Video & Computer Games interest area contains a number of engaging scientist-authored Project Ideas. ... l?from=AAE

And there are a number of languages and environments students can use to develop and create video games. We have special resources for three:

Scratch ... l?from=AAE

GameMaker ... l?from=AAE

Storytelling Alice ... l?from=AAE

We encourage you to support student projects in video and computer game design! You might be amazed at what your students create--and how invested in the process they become. Be sure and share with us as well. We would love to see!

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