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My Science Buddies

Help the Science Buddies Community Now!

Science Buddies is a non-profit organization that depends on its members to create a thriving science and engineering community. Here's how you can help!

Opportunity Time Required Description Points
Vote on User Submissions 5 min Which feedback should we pay attention to? Vote thumbs up or down on feedback we've received from others. 5
Review a New Web Page 5-15 min Read one of our brand new pages and let us know how to make it better! 30*
Test a Project Idea 3 hours Perform one of our newest experiments and help us work out the kinks! Or test one of our other projects that we have listed for review. 100*
Other Volunteer Tasks Variable Check out our changing list of short-term volunteer opportunities. Variable
Ask an Expert 30 min/week High school students & adults only: Be an Expert in our Ask an Expert forum. Help answer questions posted by students, parents, and teachers. 50/week

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