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Author: Amy Cowen

Amy Cowen / science writer and social media manager for Science Buddies
Amy Cowen is Online Community Manager at Science Buddies and produces content for the Science Buddies blog, monthly newsletter, and social media streams, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Find her on Google+ and at Twitter.

Recently on the Blog


Get Ready for Summer Science

Find creative science projects they will enjoy for STEM fun at home all summer long!


Kitchen Science Roundup!

From molecular gastronomy to making the best grilled cheese and marshmallows, we've got suggestions for tasty kitchen-based STEM explorations for students.


Balloon Science Activities

Explore student science projects and activities that use balloons.


The Color Code - Improving Agriculture with Color-smart Technology

In two new agricultural technology projects, students can explore uses for color-based technologies.


Science with Fidget Spinners

Help kids tap into engaging science explorations with fidget spinners.


Students Find Flow in Third Successful Fluor Challenge

Congratulations to everyone that participated and submitted a water flow solution for the 2017 Fluor Engineering Challenge. Annual challenge celebrates the engineering design process.


Stained Laundry Science and Bleach

This hands-on activity helps students see the relationship between bleach and stain removal. What's the chemistry behind getting stains out of white clothes?


Shoebox STEM: A 4-H Success Story

Ohio 4-H distributes Shoebox STEM kits with the ArtBot robotics project inside.


Shampoo Science

How do you determine whether one shampoo is more effective than another? Science can help!


Build Fun Robots with Students

Science Buddies has projects, Lesson Plans, and convenient kits to make it easy to explore robotics with students.


Bring Robotics to the Classroom for National Robotics Week

Choose a Science Buddies activity or Lesson Plan for a classroom robotics activity for National Robotics Week!


Google's Science Journal App Transforms a Cell Phone into a Powerful Tool for Science Class

Instead of telling students to put their phones away, science teachers may soon be asking students to pull their phones out to do in-class STEM activities with Google's Science Journal app.


Chocolate Covered Candy Geodes

Two culinary students turn making chocolate-covered candy eggs into a masterful science experiment.


Step by Step Science Project Display Boards

Help students understand the parts of a science project display board so they can create their boards with confidence.


Students Explore Blood Type Chemistry

With a hands-on science kit and synthetic blood samples, students take a closer look at the science behind blood and blood typing.

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