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Building a Halloween Brushbot: Family Robotics

An orange scrub brush gives a family science activity a boost of jack-o-lantern-inspired fun and leads to a great robotics exploration.


Boba Spherification: The Science of Juice-filled Caviar

We go DIY with molecular gastronomy and family science as we make our own popping boba using the Spherification Kit from the Science Buddies Store.


Magic Train Puts Kids on Track with Physics of Magnetism

Assembling a simple wooden train and track with cleverly placed magnetic strips lets kids experiment with a train that levitates off the track and zips effortlessly from one end to the other when pushed. What happens when you add a bit of weight?…


Family Fun with Physics: Launching Plastic Eggs with the Ping Pong Catapult

We put the Ping Pong Catapult to use with a bag of plastic eggs for some high-flying family physics fun!


Family Robotics: Toothbrush Bots that Follow the Light

Building light-tracking robots as a family activity lets you and your kids take next steps in electronics and circuitry! My kids and I had a great time over the summer whetting our teeth on basic robotics and electronics by transforming…


Electronics and Play Dough: Fun, Tactile Family Science

With a new group of electronics Project Ideas and a cool kit from the Science Buddies Store, you can turn ordinary play dough modeling into a great hands-on electronics activity with your kids. Since the trio of "electric play dough"…


Building Bristlebots: Basic Toothbrush Robotics

As this mom discovered, with a bag of toothbrushes and some basic electronics supplies, you can give a group of kids a fun introductory robotics experience—no prior robotics expertise necessary! Since the BristleBots robotics project…


Family Math: M&M Color Statistics

Use colorful candies to explore science and math with kids!

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