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The Science Buddies Blog gives students, teachers, and parents an inside look at student science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) projects, activities, success stories, and real-world connections.

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Smart Science Project Display Boards

Our guide takes the mystery out of building a great science project display board!


Raise Your Voice against Cyberbullying

A new website and downloadable guide helps parents better understand and talk about cyberbullying with their kids.


Back to School with Science Buddies' Google Classroom Integration

Science Buddies' Google Classroom Integration allows teachers to more easily create and manage STEM assignments.


Spark Creative STEM All Summer Long with Science Buddies Summer Camp

Put science on the calendar! Enroll your students in Science Buddies Summer Camp!


New Online Summer Science Camp!

Keep kids engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math with Science Buddies Summer STEM Camp!


Best Practices Document Guides Out-of-School Programs Using Raspberry Pi Projects Kit

Our Best Practices resource provides important insight and guidance for out-of-school programs using the Raspberry Pi Projects kit.


Make Science Reading Assignments with Science Buddies

With the new Google Classroom share buttons on the Science Buddies website, teachers can easily add science reading assignments for their students.


Science Buddies Offers Google Classroom Integration

A new feature at Science Buddies allows teachers using Google Classroom to easily share Science Buddies resources with their students.


Mastering the Project Display Board

Take a closer look at what goes into a well-organized and effective science fair project display board.


The Best of 2015 on the Science Buddies Blog

Take a look at some of our favorite blog posts from last year.


4 Science Projects for Super Bowl Science

Score extra points with student sports fans with 4 football science projects.


The Girl Factor: Creative Code and Computer Programming

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with an Hour of Code and inspiring photos from a girlSPARC workshop.


A Positive Science Fair Project Experience

What can parents do to help ensure that a science project assignment is a positive and successful learning experience for their student?


Supporting Girls Doing Science

More than half of the students who visit Science Buddies are girls. Science Buddies is committed to helping encourage girls to explore all areas of science.


Putting Together a Project Display Board

The project display board is how you present your project at the science fair. What goes into a well-organized and effective project display board? Check our easy-to-follow guide.


Last Year on the Science Buddies Blog

Highlights and favorite posts from last year on the Science Buddies Blog—great science project overviews, visual spreads that show hands-on science in action, and real-world connections.


Kids Read Science News

A new website feature at Science Buddies, sponsored by Cisco Foundation, brings science news to students. With the news feed, students can easily locate science news stories related to a project or science interest.


Fueling Science Teachers to Inspire Students with Hands-on Science

Thanks to Aerojet Rocketdyne, the INFINITY Science Center, and Science Buddies, teachers in Mississippi got a booster course in rocket science—and paper airplane folding.


Beyond the School Science Fair: Advanced Science Competitions

A science project, especially an advanced one, may have a longer shelf life than just a single fair or a linear competition circuit. Top science students may find many events and venues in which to enter and showcase their research and findings.


GivingTuesday - Support Science Education

Support Science Buddies to help us keep our science education resources free for millions.


Get a Jump Start on the Project Display Board

You don't have to wait until the last minute to start the project display board for a science fair project. A great board takes planning, and you can do a good deal of preliminary legwork getting your board ready even before the project is…


Science Activities: Fun Science Perfect for Home or School

Science Buddies has added a new "activities" section to its award-winning science education website. The new science activities complement the existing library of science fair project ideas but bridge the gap between science "assignment" or…


Symantec Volunteers Put Hands-on STEM Project Ideas to the Test

Symantec employees in multiple locations put a set of Science Buddies Project Ideas to a hands-on test. This team meeting may have felt like a day at school, but by working together to build and test simple motors and shake-it-up energy sources,…


Join Science Buddies at USASEF for Toothbrush Robot Racing and Catapult Launching!

Take a sneak peak at an exciting pair of hands-on science and engineering activities that Science Buddies has planned for USASEF visitors and get inspired to make your own robots this week in celebration of National Robotics Week—or experiment with your own catapult project!


Ensuring a Positive Science Fair Project Experience

What can parents do to help ensure that a science project assignment is a positive and successful learning experience for their student?


Help Support Science Buddies

Read the Science Buddies 2013 Annual Update. For more information about donations, see the Donations FAQ. Follow Science Buddies at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.


Science Buddies 2013 Annual Update

Dear Friends and Supporters of Science Buddies, I founded Science Buddies in 2001 with the primary objective of leveling the playing field, enabling every student to succeed with a hands-on science project. With science literacy for all young…


Science Buddies Asks Teachers "How Are We Doing?"

Teachers weighed in recently to let Science Buddies know about science events and projects at their schools and how Science Buddies fits into the science education puzzle in their classrooms. The Value of Hands-on Science Learning; The…


Helping Teachers Approach Next Generation Science Standards

As administrators and school boards around the country consider the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Science Buddies is helping teachers begin ramping up, now, for some of the ways in which traditional classroom science projects and…


New Science Standards Emphasize the Engineering Design Process

The Next Generation Science Standards encourage a multi-dimensional view of science education, one that highlights the importance of students learning to use the engineering design process—as well as the scientific method. Science and…


Finding a Fitting Hands-on Science Project Now Easier than Ever!

Thanks to support from Cisco Systems, Inc., Science Buddies' library of free science Project Ideas now has filters to help students, teachers, and parents find projects that best fit their needs. With more than 1,200 Project Ideas in more than…


Returning Student Mentor Shines in Science Help Forums

Lexington, Kentucky student does an "outstanding" job helping respond to student science questions in Science Buddies' free Ask an Expert forums. The volunteer program gives top students a chance to contribute to science education by helping as part…


Running for Science—Not from It

A swarm of "scientists" ran the streets of Chicago in celebration of science and science education, thanks to Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Bystanders in the Chicago area a few weeks ago may have caught an unusual site—a swarm of scientists…


Iron Man 3 Out Today--Highlight the Science

Thanks to the resounding support from members of the community who trust, use, and rely on Science Buddies for their projects, classroom, and family science activities, we collected a phenomenal number of views in 24 hours--all in the name of K-12 science literacy.


A Few Hours Left! View Iron Man Content to Support Science Buddies

Your view of exclusive Iron Man 3 video footage helps support Science Buddies, thanks to Verizon FiOS' View to Give program. Verizon FiOS will donate $0.01 to Science Buddies for every view of the video footage on Monday, April 29 only. Help support science education and Science Buddies by taking watching the short video footage.


Your View Counts! Watch Iron Man 3 to Support Science Literacy

Today only! Your view of exclusive Iron Man 3 video footage helps support Science Buddies. Verizon FiOS will donate $0.01 to Science Buddies for every view of the video footage on Monday, April 29 only. verizon.com/ironman3. Please follow…


Watch Exclusive Iron Man 3 Footage on Monday to Support Science Buddies!

Science Buddies is gearing up to for special Iron Man 3 video footage on Monday from Verizon FiOS. As part of Verizon's View to Give program, Verizon will donate $0.01 to Science Buddies for every view of the video footage on Monday, April 29 only.…

Support for K-12 Computer Science Exploration: Developing Tomorrow's Innovative Programmers

Symantec commits continued funding to Science Buddies, allowing further expansion of the Science Buddies computer science area to help enable and inspire student computer science projects. In honor of International Corporate Philanthropy Day…


Capitol Science: Science Education a White House Priority; Science Buddies Part of the Solution

In last week's State of the Union address, President Obama again put the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the national limelight. Many issues of policy and platform occupied the President's agenda, but STEM definitely had a seat, both in the speech and in the audience. Three of the guests invited to sit with the First Lady have deep STEM connections. The First Lady's science cadre included Jack Andraka (winner of the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and Science Buddies advocate), Peter Hudson (co-founder and CEO of iTriage, an app that helps people locate nearby healthcare providers), and Bobak Ferdowsi (popularly known as "NASA's Mohawk guy" and flight director for the Curiosity rover landing on Mars).


Community Support for Science

A grant from the Cisco Foundation put Science Buddies on the ground floor of Bayside STEM Academy's annual science fair. Science Buddies partnered with the middle school throughout their science fair season, culminating in Science Buddies staff…


Staff Picks: Science Buddies Kits

The Science Buddies staff shares their wish lists from the Science Buddies store. See what science and engineering kits they would most like to open up and give a hands-on try! Each year, I poll the Science Buddies staff about something related…


Science Buddies Gets a New Look

Science Buddies welcomed students back to school with a bright new site design aimed at making the site's award-winning science and engineering resources even easier to use. When students, teachers, and parents returned to Science Buddies last…


Science Buddies Recognizes "Volunteer of the Year"

Exceptional Science Buddies Volunteer Expert from Bio-Rad Laboratories assists hundreds of students with science projects. Her dedication to helping students exemplifies the volunteer spirit—and makes a difference in how students view and…


ISEF Competitors Chosen for Science Buddies' 2012 Summer Science Fellows Program

Top science students join the Science Buddies team in year two of the Summer Science Fellows program. Bringing science expertise, enthusiasm, and fresh perspective, these recent graduates will assist Science Buddies in various tasks, including…

Head's Up!

Ahhh.... the allure of the marshmallow shooter... I know it captivated my young Maker Faire attendees last spring... I know adult family members who send marshmallow launcher kits, right along with RC helicopters, model rockets, circuit kits, and…

Staff Wish List

Last year, I asked the Science Buddies staff what science, engineering, or technology tools were on their wish lists. The compilation of responses turned out to be an interesting roundup of most-wanted gadgets, a list that reflects the wide-range of…


Introducing Project Idea "Kits"

Many of the Project Ideas in the Science Buddies library enable science exploration with common materials, ones you might find around the house. Some projects, however, require an assortment of materials, not all of which can be obtained in a…


Science Buddies Webinar

Professional Development Webinar for Teachers Join us for a free webinar on September 14 Space is limited! Reserve your webinar seat now! Science Buddies is offering a free online webinar on September 14, 2011, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. PDT…


Summer Science Fellows Lend Fresh Energy to Science Buddies

Science Buddies is getting a burst of summer energy from a group of top science students This summer, Science Buddies welcomed its first set of Summer Science Fellows, a group of six entering college freshmen, all of whom competed at the Intel…

Port Huron Student Wins Outstanding Mentor Award

Annual Science Buddies Award Recognizes Superior Community Service From a Top Science Student Science Buddies is proud to announce Nithin Tumma, an 11th grader at Port Huron Northern High School in Port Huron, MI, as this year's winner of the…


Volunteer of the Decade

Ken Hess, engineer, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and "Volunteer of the Decade." Science Buddies will soon be turning ten, and in recognition of countless volunteer hours donated to building, refining, and envisioning the nonprofit's…


Science Buddies Wins Prestigious SPORE Award

The Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE) is awarded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Science. Video Announcement Press Release Science Essay When you hear the word…


Earth Day: Staff Picks!

As I wrote my blog essay in celebration of Earth Day, I found myself in unexpectedly bug-laden territory, without a compost bin, wind turbine, or reusable food container in sight. But Earth Day is about all of those things. It's about taking a…

Earthwatch Fellowship for Teachers

Middle school teachers, grades 6-8, interested in investigating ocean sciences or climate change are invited to apply for the 2011 Earthwatch Educator Program sponsored by Earthwatch and Northrop Grumman. The program provides a fellowship for an…

Teacher Webinar is Today!

Just a reminder, our free Professional Development Webinar for teachers is today, Wednesday, September 22 at: 4 p.m. Pacific 5 p.m. Mountain 6 p.m. Central 7 p.m. Eastern If you are already signed up, please follow the directions you…

Science Buddies 'Summer Science' Resource Being Planned

Thanks to a grant from the Motorola Foundation's Innovation Generation program, Science Buddies will be developing online resources related to summer science camps. Many camps throughout the country focus on the sciences and offer opportunities for…

Putting Things in Perspective: Honest Science

In recent months, the news has been riddled with stories about professional scientists behaving poorly. In November 2009, a hacker pirated and circulated hundreds of email messages that spawned what has become known as "Climategate,", a scandal…

Volunteer with Science Buddies!

School is back in session, and that means science projects are underway. Already in my house there has been excitement over the various states of water. And as the information trickles home and what has been learned is demonstrated and relayed and…

Science Buddies' First Teacher Webinar

Join Science Buddies on August 30 for "Using Science Buddies for Success," a free one-hour webinar designed to introduce teachers to Science Buddies' resources and tools. As the 2009-2010 school year gets ready to kick into gear, now is the…

Science Buddies on Air

In her appearance on The View from the Bay, Science Buddies Vice President, Courtney Corda, talks about the value of making science an everyday subject and topic of family discussion. Courtney encourages parents to approach…

Science Buddies on View from the Bay

Tomorrow, June 16, Courtney Corda, Vice President of Science Buddies, will be a guest on ABC 7 / KGO-TV's "View from the Bay." As part of a special segment on Science Buddies, "View from the Bay" will air footage of Courtney and her son Matthew and…

Symantec Supports Clever Scientists

Science Buddies continues to team up with science and tech companies to recognize and support innovative science and what can be created, observed, tested, and discovered with ordinary materials put to creative use in the name of science. After…

Recognizing Clever Scientists

This year, Seagate and Science Buddies teamed up to sponsor and award the Seagate-Science Buddies Clever Scientist Award at various science fairs. At each fair, the "Clever Scientist" award honored the two most innovative science fair projects which…

Building Science Understanding, Brick by Brick

It's not too late to enter the 2nd LEGO Builders of Tomorrow contest, sponsored by GeekDad. The deadline for submitting a photo of your family working together to build something from LEGO is April 30. The winning family will be featured on the box…

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