Science Buddies has great ideas for hands-on science projects and activities students can do to learn more about environmental science and sustainability.

There are many projects at Science Buddies that help guide students in independent exploration of environmental science topics and issues. The list below highlights 22 projects related to recycling, stewardship, conservation, sustainability, and environmental awareness from our library of more than 1,100 science projects for K-12 students. All of these projects can be excellent choices for exploration during National Environmental Education Week.

A rain gutter filled with gravel Environmental Education STEM / Rooftop gardens Environmental Education STEM / Storm drains and litter
Environmental Education STEM / Oil spill cleanup Environmental Education STEM / Energy from grass Environmental Education STEM / Bird Migration and Urban Landscape
Environmental Education STEM / No-plow farmers Environmental Education STEM / Fertilizer Environmental Education STEM / nanotechnology
Environmental Education STEM / Bird migration Environmental Education STEM / Plants and soil erosion Environmental Education STEM / Biodegradable and composting

The following list of 22 hands-on projects represents a collection of exciting K-12 student science, technology, engineering, and math projects with an environmental science focus:

  1. Can Plants Stop Soil Erosion?
  2. Can Nanotechnology Help Clean Up Ocean Oil Spills? Try It Yourself with Ferrofluid
  3. Disappearing Act: How Fast Do Different Biodegradable & Compostable Materials Decompose?
  4. Do Migratory Birds Like It Hot?
  5. Do Your Storm Drains Keep the Ocean Trash Free?
  6. Dust Busters: How No-Plow Farmers Try to Save Our Soil
  7. Froggy Forecasting: How Frog Health Predicts Pond Health
  8. Go Green by Growing Green: How to Extract Energy from Grass
  9. Going Green as You Clean: Are 'Green' Detergents Less Toxic Than Conventional Detergents?
  10. Goo-Be-Gone: Cleaning Up Oil Spills
  11. Green Technology: Build an Electronic Soil Moisture Sensor to Conserve Water
  12. Growing Great Gardens: Using Human Urine as a Fertilizer
  13. Growing, Growing, Gone! An Experiment on Nitrogen Fertilizers
  14. Heavy Metals and Aquatic Environments
  15. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Saving Migratory Animals
  16. Is it Getting Hot in Here? Investigate the Greenhouse Effect
  17. It's Raining, It's Pouring: Chemical Analysis of Rainwater
  18. Recycling Greywater: Can Plants Tolerate It?
  19. Riprap: It's Not Hip Hop But Erosion Stop
  20. Rooftop Gardens: Are They a Cool Idea?
  21. Too Much of a Good Thing? Study the Effect of Fertilizers on Algal Growth
  22. Something's Fishy About That Fertilizer

To view other related projects, see our complete Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering areas.

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