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Genetics & Genomics Science Fair Project Ideas

Using Your Computer Skills to Explore DNA Genomics is an excellent area of research for students who are good with computers. If you are comfortable navigating somewhat complicated websites and enjoy manipulating and downloading computer files, then genomics might be a good fit for you. So what exactly is genomics? Genomics is the study of the entire set of an organism's genes (or the genes of multiple organisms) and their functions, using techniques such as mapping, sequencing, analyzing and modeling. Genomics aims to look at all genes together as a complex and dynamic system. Specialists in genomics hope that their discoveries will lead to innovative new ways to design diagnostic tests, as well as therapies to treat diseases. Check out some of the topics that are featured in the science fair project ideas below:

  • Using computer programs to identify, visualize, and analyze DNA sequences
  • Using computational tools to investigate the causes of genetic diseases or to study the evolution of species
  • Comparing human and animal DNA sequences to infer how closely related we are to those animals
Sound interesting to you? Then take a look at these innovative science fair project ideas.
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