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Medical Biotechnology Science Fair Project Ideas

Medicine + Biology + Technology = Better Living

You already know that medicines like antibiotics and aspirin can make you feel better when you are sick, but how do researchers find new medicines? Do medications work the same way for everyone? How can we use medicine to treat genetic diseases? This new collection of medical biotechnology projects can help you explore many cutting-edge topics including:

  • How and why medicines work:
    • Discovering new medications using biology, chemistry, and genetics
    • Delivering medicine to the right organ system in the right dose
  • What kinds of biological differences among people lead to medical differences:
    • Discovering the links between personal genomics (your own DNA) and diseases
    • Evaluating environmental effects on human health
    • Investigating differences in how people's bodies process medications
Try out one of these medical biotechnology projects and you may learn something useful about your own health!
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