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HELP! Collecting Data

Postby colleen55412 » Fri Jan 02, 2004 1:32 pm

PLEASE HELP! I am a 9th grader at Liverpool Highschool. I'm doing my project on the ABA treatment. (( applied behavior annaylisis)) I need help on how to correctly collect behavioral data on the improvment of the child's skills. PLEASE CONTACT ME BACK!


Matt D
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Postby Matt D » Mon Jan 05, 2004 12:58 pm


Can you please clarify what you are doing?

It sounds to me like you are attepting to see what thing improves the achievement of children in some sort of test. I think that there may be too many variables for you to test. For example, some kids might improve because of other reasons besides what you are testing. The important thing is isolate the variables that you are changing and measuring.

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