A question about conductivity

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A question about conductivity

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I'm looking to secure a proper margin of safety. It's basically a low cost means for regular apartment maintenance. I'm looking to use a regular electric drill (not battery powered/cordless) along with certain soft bristled drill attachments. Now to reduce the risk of shock with a plug-in tool, I plan on using distilled water along with an oil-based soap. In this case, ordinary over the counter 'Murphy Oil Soap'. Granted, there is a certain amount of regular water in it's ingredients, but here's the full list.

Current Formula

sodium EDTA, propylene glycol, fragrance, surfactants, and water.

Original Formula

Sodium hydroxide 001310-73-2 1.0-5.0 Yes
Water 007732-18-5 -- No
Sodium tallate 061790-45-2 -- No
Citronella oil 008000-29-1 -- No
Lauramidopropylamine oxide 061792-31-2 -- No
Tetrasodium EDTA

By a proper assessment, is there enough here to consider this product mainly non- conductive ? If not, what are other alternatives might I seek out? Or should I widen the margin for safety and attain a battery powered drill? I know for a fact, there's always a possibility for shock hazard no matter what the power source.
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Re: A question about conductivity

Post by bfinio »

Hi - this forum is for K-12 students doing a school science project. There are other forums on the internet that may be able to help with your question.
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