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Jumping for Geodes Science Buddies Project

Postby samdantin » Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:03 pm


My learner has chosen the Jumping for Geodes as her science fair project. It combines everything that interests her and sounds like fun. However, like another poster, we're having a hard time determining the variables in this project. For reference, here is the original poster's question:

[color=#000080]One of the requirements for a science fair project at our school is, "Identify the one VARIABLE and several CONTROLS for your experiment." In this project, the student observes the outside texture and color of several geodes and tries to determine if it is possible to predict the size and color of the crystals inside. What would the one VARIABLE and several CONTROLS be in this case?[/color]

I searched the archives for help but it seems that the experiment in its original form doesn't have an independent variable. One suggested variation for the projects entails having friends or family attempt to predict the presence of large or small crystals on the inside of the geode based on its outer appearance. I see some possibilities for an independent variable there but am still unsure. Since her school requires that all projects had a clear dependent and independent variable, can someone please tell me what that would be or how to tailor the experiment to include one?

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Re: Jumping for Geodes Science Buddies Project

Postby donnahardy2 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:02 pm


Welcome to Science Buddies! I think your learner has chosen the following excellent project from the Science Buddies website: ... #procedure

For purposes of doing a science project, you can consider the independent variable to be the appearance of the outside of the geode (bumpy or smooth and the color) and the dependent variable to be appearance of the inside (size of crystals and color). The author suggests recording the data in a table so it can be graphed.

Here is information on variables from this website: ... #procedure

Please post again in this topic if you have other questions.

Donna Hardy

Good luck

Donna Hardy

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