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making a graph

Postby tiredmom » Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:29 pm

This is for a 4th grade project we compares different material cookie sheets. We compare by the following qualifiers: hard edges, soft edges, hard middle, soft middle, hard bottom, soft bottom, favorite, least favorite.
We had 3 different cookie sheet types and did 3 times. There was a distinct winner but I can't figure out how to put this into a graph which is required. Any help on how to set up the axis? How many graphs will it take?
thank you for your help!

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Re: making a graph

Postby gmm15 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:46 pm

Can you describe the experiment in more detail? For example, how did you determine the winner? How many batches of cookies did you make? With the information that I know right now, I would make a graph for each of the different sheets. On the x-axis would be the qualifiers that you mentioned (soft edges, hard middle, favorite, etc.), and on the y-axis, you would put the number of cookies. After making graphs for all 3 different cookie sheet types, I would make a graph showing who the winner is. Each of the different types of cookie sheets would be labeled on the x-axis. The y-axis would have whatever determines who wins(scaled by number of cookies). For example, it could be the one with the most favorites(if that is the determining factor). You could also use line plots for all of the graphs I mentioned above. If you could describe the experiment in more detail, I might be able to give you a better way of making the graphs.

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Re: making a graph

Postby connief » Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:55 pm

Hello there,

It would be helpful if you can provide more information about the question you tried to address and how you went about addressing it. For example, is your question something along the lines of: What type of cookie sheets allow us to bake the best cookies? How did you determine which sheets baked the best cookies? Did you go around asking different people to try a cookie from each sheet and asked them to rate their favorite?

Feel free to post back with more details about your experimental setup so we can help you in the best way that we could!


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