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BLAST into the past - Salamander closer than chick!

Postby punkrockewok » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:49 pm

Trying again to see if anyone has an answer to this. The directions for this science fair project give directions for asking BLAST for a diagram. The diagram it does now shows the salamander closer to T. rex than the chick. This isn't what the diagram science buddies has on the directions show (it isn't what the data shows either).

Any ideas on how to fix this? Do I draw my own? Use a cladogram from somewhere else to show relatedness? I found one from 1996 from Journal of Vertebrate Palentology.

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Re: BLAST into the past - Salamander closer than chick!

Postby amyc » Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:37 am

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