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Science project on tides

Postby gabbycookie » Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:39 am

Having a hard time coming up with a hypothesis on how the moon effects the tides and looking for some help.

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Re: Science project on tides

Postby 17eugenekim » Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:09 pm

Hi gabbycookie,

Welcome to Science Buddies! I'm happy to help. First of all, I'm going to point you to our Project Guide resource, here: ... ience-fair

The "Your Question" and "Background Research" tabs will probably be the most helpful to you right now.

It's good to keep in mind how you want to explore this hypothesis. Try focusing on one specific aspect about the moon to test - this will be your independent variable. Then think about how this affects something that you can observe about the tides - this will be your dependent variable.

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