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Is my hypothesis for my lab report good??

Postby ShepherdKai » Wed Apr 14, 2021 11:41 pm

Is this hypothesis good for my lab report? It is due tomorrow, and this is urgent, so please reply quickly. Thank you!
Based on research and gathered information, it is hypothesized that if an egg is soaked in different liquids, then the egg soaked in a liquid will shrink and become wrinkled because of osmosis, and the egg will be in a hypertonic state or the egg placed in a liquid will grow bigger and become very delicate because of diffusion, and will be in a hypotonic state.

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Re: Is my hypothesis for my lab report good??

Postby lmp1341 » Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:50 am

Hello and welcome to Science Buddies!
My biggest tip for you when writing a hypothesis is to stay general. You typically will explain the "why" or "because _______" in the analysis or discussion of your project, so your hypothesis should serve as a general statement that is measurable. It usually follows an "if, then" format, which you've got down, so good job!!
I'd advise you to be a little more general, like "If the egg is soaked in a ______ (type of liquid), then the egg will _____ (grow/shrink)."

I would suggest checking out this link, it has some awesome information that'll help you in your quest of writing an awesome hypothesis!! Yours was on the right track, so amazing job, but make sure to stay away from the word "because" in your hypothesis and focus on the independent variable and how it will affect the dependent variable.

You've got this! Hope that link helps!!
Please let us know if you have any other questions at all :)

Stay Nerdy,

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Re: Is my hypothesis for my lab report good??

Postby SciB » Thu Apr 15, 2021 9:10 am

I would like to add something to what the other expert said about your statement of the hypothesis. You used the term liquid without saying what the liquid was. While it is true that you should not put a lot of details into a hypothesis, you still need to make the statement complete so the reader knows what you are talking about. The hypothesis is a specific, positive statement about the outcome of your experiment that you are trying to disprove. If it cannot be disproved, then it is accepted.

I assume that the 'liquid' you are talking about is water and that the question you were asking was what is the effect of salt water on an egg (raw? boiled?). The independent variable here is the salt concentration and that needs to be part of the hypothesis. The other part is the dependent variable, which is the condition of the egg after treatment with the salt water (or plain water as control).

Let us know if you have questions about this. Rewrite your hypothesis and post it and we will check it again.


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Re: Is my hypothesis for my lab report good??

Postby Rogerscullan » Fri Sep 24, 2021 12:21 am

Great Question i got better understanding

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