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Choice Cheesecake Question

Postby cheriseward » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:39 am

My 13 year old daughter is interested in doing the "Choice Cheesecake: Which Baking Method is the Best" experiment for our science fair. It would seem that the variables are difficult to keep constant when actually putting the cheesecake together (Ie if the recipe calls for five eggs and you need to add them one at a time over 30 seconds) While general recipes don't appear difficult for cheesecake, the way the ingredients are put together might have some variability as far as timing is concerned. This could ultimately affect what what she is trying to measure which is baking method. Am I looking at this correctly or am I being too detailed and do not need to worry about the timing of ingredients so much?

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Re: Choice Cheesecake Question

Postby SciB » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:06 pm

Hi and welcome to Scibuddies!

No, you are being scientific! One thing a scientist has to pay attention to is details like the timing of the addition of the eggs. Sometimes it doesn't matter and other times it matters a great deal. Thinking about questions like that is the mark of a good scientist and can spell the difference between a successful experiment and a failure.

Wow! This involves making 9 cheesecakes--yumm! You can have a dessert and coffee party afterwards: ... #materials

One important thing I see in the Procedure is the suggestion to make only one cheesecake at a time: "Although it is less efficient, it is recommended that you make and bake your cheesecakes one by one, instead of trying to do several at once. This will eliminate variables like placement inside the oven or time between mixing the batter and baking."

I think that is a safer way to do it although it will take longer.

As I read it the only variable is how the cheesecake is baked. The ingredients and the procedure for making the batter have to be exactly the same for each method. As you said in your post, try to put the ingredients together in exactly the same way each time. I think making one cake at a time will help to insure this. By the time you have made a couple you will be an expert. You have to select a method for making the batter, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with. I haven't made a cheesecake in a long time so can't recommend one, but you are making me hungry for a nice piece of cheesecake and a cup of espresso!

I hope I have answered your question and please do let us know which method worked best.

Good luck!


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