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Hydroponic Kit unavailable

Postby mtulloch2 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:04 am

My daughter would really like to do her Science Fair project that Sciencebuddies has on their website "hydroponics: Gardening without soil." However, the recommended material of a of hydroponic terrarium is no longer available from Amazon, and we are in fact having a hard time finding a comparable substitute. Could someone offer some advice where we could find another kit, or is it as simple as finding and purchasing the rock wool cubes in which to grow the seeds? Although, then we were wondering if all "rock cubes" are the same for growing lettuce seeds, and would it produce the same results?

Would love to get some help pointing us in the right direction!
Michelle and Kelsie Tulloch

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Re: Hydroponic Kit unavailable

Postby SciB » Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:07 pm

Hello and welcome to Scibuddies.
Sorry the hear that the kit is out of stock.
Have you checked Carolina Biologicals? They have a hydroponic kit for students that sounds similar to the one you describe, and the website says it is in stock: ... YUQAvD_BwE

That's the only small kit I know of. Most hydroponic set-ups are rather large and expensive. Maybe one of the other teachers will know of a source for the kit materials.

Let me know if you can use the Carolina Bio kit.


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