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Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes

Postby Jackson13 » Fri Dec 11, 2020 10:20 am

Hi, My name is Jackson and I am in 8th grade. I need a really good science fair project about disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer. I found one but my teacher wouldn't let me. :roll: He said it was to dangerous. If you could find a safe science fair project that would be great! -Thanks Jackson

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Re: Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes

Postby 17eugenekim » Sat Dec 12, 2020 11:19 am

Hi Jackson,

Welcome to Science Buddies! It sounds like you're in the early planning phase of developing a science fair project. I'd first like to direct you to our overall project guide, here: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... ience-fair This will help you get a good sense of what's ahead of you, if you haven't already.

The first key step is to ask yourself what you want to know about disinfectants or hand sanitizer. Why does this topic specifically interest you, and how can we pose a question to study from that? Alternatively, think about your original project idea (I'm curious to know what it was), and ask if there's a much safer way to carry it out. (Your teacher might be helpful there.)

If helpful, we also have a project database, which you can search through here: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... e-projects
You can use the Topic Selection Wizard if you prefer, or you can use the search sidebar. Here's one project guide I found that might be a good starting point: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... tants-work

These are only guides, so you don't need to think about the given steps at all! It's just a place for you to help brainstorm your own ideas. And I don't know what your teacher's guidelines are, so of course be sure to check with him.

I hope this provides a good place to start. I encourage you to keep replying to this thread as you make progress and want more assistance.

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Re: Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes

Postby cnoonan180 » Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:59 pm

Hi Jackson!

This is a really important project topic to study!

Please let the mentors know what (if any) requirements your teacher has for science projects, as this will help the mentors better help you to brainstorm project ideas that are permitted by your teacher to pursue.

Here are some project ideas you may want to look at that are related to disinfectants/hand sanitizers:

1) This project deals with how well soap cleans people's hands by looking for germs before and after people wash their hands: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... away-germs

You could modify this project to use different types of soap and use unwashed hands as a control group (more on what a control group is here: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... /variables). Using different types/brands of soap would help you test which one best removes germs from people's hands, so you could also modify the project that way.

2) This project helps you study soap by making it! (link here: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... -make-soap)

Also, try typing different words into the search bar (which should be located at the top right corner of your screen) on the ScienceBuddies website and select "Science Projects" to see what projects are available in relation to the words you searched.

Some words you may want to try are: soap, sneeze, wipes, chemistry, or disinfectant. Scroll down for a great list of cool science projects you can use or adapt according to what you hope to learn through your project!

Hope this helps,

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