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question about research on my science project

Postby roybeth » Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:15 pm

I need to come up with 5 areas to research. My project is on seeds and tolerating salt. I am using 3 different types of seeds--clover, fescue and wheat. Then I have information on salt. I need to research another aspect of this project. Any ideas?
Hunter Williams

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Postby EmilyDolson » Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:15 am


How closely connected does your fifth research topic have to be? For instance, could you look into how salt gets into the plants' environment in the first place (e.g. saltwater intrusion), or would that be to much of a tangent to go off on? If it has to be directly connected to your particular experiment, is there some technique you are planning to use that you can do further research on? Or is there some deeper concept that is important to project? For example, if you didn't already discuss it in your salt research, osmosis and its effect on seed germination could be a fairly important scientific principle driving your results.

Hopefully at least one of those will work, or gives you an idea for something that will. If not, or if you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

- Emily
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Research topics for your project

Postby donnahardy2 » Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:19 am

Hi Hunter,

I think your teacher wants you to understand the scientific principles behind your selected topic. If you do a thorough background research on your subject, you will be able to design a better experiment. Here are some suggestions for some background research topics:

1. What is sodium chloride? (there are lots of kinds of "salt").
2. What is a seed?
3. What factors are important for seed germination?
4. What is the effect of sodium chloride on seed germination?
5. What is the effect of sodium chloride on plant growth after germination?
6. What is the advantage of lower/higher sodium chloride tolerance to a plant?
7. What is the physiological difference between plants that are able to germinate and grown in higher salt concentrations?
8. What is the expected difference between the sodium chloride tolerance of the 3 seeds on your list?

A couple of other questions. Why did you pick the 3 seeds? Is there any practical reason for your project? What concentration of sodium chloride are you going to use in your experiment?

I think if you will take the time to do a really good job on your background research, you will have a great project.

Donna Hardy

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