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science fair graphs

Postby vice » Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:48 pm

I just showed my teacher my graphs and he shot them down. I did experiment where I had a slime mold and two possible paths for it to take with food at exit. I had two controls that didn't finish test. I had ten testing plates where 6 finished shortest path ( route 1), 0 took second path, and 4 I couldn't tell which came first because it had finished both when I looked.I did a bar graph where the vertical axis was path taken(1,2,or can't tell) and horizontal was how many test plates took each path. He said I should include controls? I did a second part where I put some slime mold and food at entrance and at exit and said which path showed thickest growth. I did pie graph showing 60% were thicker path 1, 0% path 2 and 40% were equal 1 and 2. He confused me trying to say how to change. Help!

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Re: science fair graphs

Postby MelissaB » Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:01 am


Personally, I would go with a pie graph, one each for control, without food, and with food, showing the percentage of trials with each outcome. Can you try to tell us what your teacher told you, though? I would hate to give conflicting advice.

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