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Point of a Parabola - Help and questions asap!

Postby thetechygirl » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:51 pm

Hi, person reading this. I'm creating a parabolic reflector for my science project. It is due on March 25, 2020. I need help and I have a few questions.

•First, the wireless router I have at home and the ones I find online are all dual antennas. And here's the thing: they are not removable. If you try and remove one of the antennas in my router, it would damage the wires. Please send links of single-antenna routers or dual antenna routers that have unscrewable antennas!
•Second, it doesn't state why the parabolic reflector won't work if you have dual antennas, and I'd like to know why.
•And finally, I'm having trouble coming up with a hypothesis. I slightly changed up the project. My main goal is to discover if different shapes (just a flat reflector, triangles, etc) still enhance a wifi signal. Don't answer this one, but any hints or inspiration would be great. :D

Thank you for the help in advance!
- thetechygirl

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Re: Point of a Parabola - Help and questions asap!

Postby LeungWilley » Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:27 pm

Hi thetechygirl,
Sounds like a fun project!

In regards to your questions:
1. Please try the amazon link on the material page: The USB WIFI antennas listed on the page appears to be removable.

2. I am not sure I understand the question. As long as the reflectors are not interfering with each other, there should be no issue at all.

3. I would recommend looking up / using the search term of "EM wave reflection and transmission" in google as a starting point.
Here's a link from Physics classroom that should be useful as well:,-Refraction,-and-Diffraction

Good Luck and Please post again if you have any questions!

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