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HELP!!!-Bioengineering a Kidney

Postby alphawolf0221 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:27 pm

I was looking at the bioengineering a kidney project and it seemed really interesting. I wanted to do it for the science fair but my teacher wants my project to be put in an inquiry question format. How can I modify this experiment to fit the question criteria below?

What is the effect of XXXX (changing variable) on YYYYY (your measured end point)?

I have to let her know by 1/25/18 so any answers/advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: HELP!!!-Bioengineering a Kidney

Postby MadelineB » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:42 pm

Hello Alpha Wolf,
Welcome to Science Buddies and thank you for patiently waiting for a reply.

You might find it helpful in responding to your teacher by comparing the Science Buddies project guide for "science projects" ... ience-fair

compared to the Science Buddies project guide for "engineering projects" ... cess-guide.

Bioengineering a kidney would seem to be an "engineering project" and definitely sounds like a worthwhile project!

Here's one of the many ideas for science projects in the Science Buddies database: ... stem-cells

Study the two project guides and study the background and procedures for this project. There are some references to some very good research which might help you to persuade your teacher that your idea would indeed be a great project! Best of luck! Let us know how this works out.

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