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How music affects productivity

Postby jaytolkte » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:30 am

Swing pong: a group of young designers reinvent ping-pong Using a flashing, tilting table

Internships more frequently than not are dumb, coffee-fetching black holes of boredom. However, not in Syyn Labs, a Los Angeles collective which produces unusual interactive science and art projects such as commercials and music videos. Last summer, student interns Hoon Oh, Robb Godshaw and Jisu Choi took it on themselves to reevaluate the game of table tennis. Their job can pass for an additional in Transformers. It is a part ping-pong table, part machine, and also so tough to play it reduces experts to the amount of rank amateurs. Read more all about the ping-pong on Okru here.

Oh came up with the concept of performing a ping-pong proJect in part because this sport is a staple of numerous civilizations, and is generally relatively simple to perform with. The team wanted to make the match more social than competitive, so they removed the possibility of humiliating one-sided competitions by creating a table that tilts on demand and makes it hard for highly skilled gamers. They began by scrounging for components from the Syyn Labs warehouse. A rectangular piece of plexiglass that had been applied within an illuminated dance floor became the tabletop. To push the surface, Godshaw suggested utilizing pneumatic pistons left from a commercial to get a Google science average. Choi functioned on the drive system and other facets of the plan, while printed applications to restrain the pistons and change the table from degree to off-kilter. The team discovered that acquiring the angles right was catchy. "We wanted to make it lean at a dramatic angle although maybe not hit anyone in the jaw," Godshaw states.


Read my reviews on Medium: Best Ping Pong Tables In The World - How To Make The Right Choice

At exactly the exact same time they worked on the legs and frame. An ancient version with two-by-fours proved too thick (they wanted in order to easily transfer the dining table). Beyond the warehouse, they discovered a heap of scrap metal tossed apart from the laboratory's previous occupant, a paint business. They maintained the wooden framework beneath the acrylic surface but substituted the legs together with the scrap metal to restrict weight. The legs but through an early evaluation, among those cylinders failed. When they took it apart, they found it had been entrusted with sugar it was utilized to squirt colorful fluids at the contraption Syyn Labs was designed for its Google commercial and'd fruit juice residue indoors.

Happily they discovered another canister, and after adding a couple of added bits, such as a set of flashbulbs to assist players blind their opponents, the interns obtained their "Swing Pong" table functioning. They had been right about leveling up gameplaywhen table-tennis expert Adam Bobrow seen Syyn Labs, he won his game by just one stage. Oh says he reigned among the contractors, however Godshaw asserts that contest is still an afterthought: "Many games never make it to 9.'

Constructing a Swing Pong Table

TIME 2 months

COST $100




The nerve centre of this dining table--an Arduino microcontroller, four solenoid valves along with three distinct electricity supplies--is stashed in an older power-drill case. Godshaw repurposed a car-key remote so it might indicate the Arduino board to create the table move. The referee controls the distant, tilting the desk. A touch of a few of those buttons indicates the corresponding solenoid valve to release a burst of air from a blower beneath the desk. The compressed air pushes the piston, increasing one facet by 15 levels.


Godshaw suggested incorporating an automatic moving web that rewards the player who is losing the match. The Arduino controls an electric motor, which drives a belt-and-pulley system which moves the internet back and forth across the table. If a player scores, the referee enters the stage with the distant, and the program is programmed to change the internet so the point-scoring participant has a more compact place to target for. "Whenever there is a large point disparity," Godshaw sags, "the winning participant will be aiming to get a 12-inch part of this table." and ping pong paddles pingpongstart.com.


Originally the thought was for both gamers to maintain a paddle along with a remote. They'd swing one hand and command the distant with another, leaning the table or shifting on among the flashbulbs to divert their opponent. This could have made serving overly hard, however, so the team designed an automatic functioning mechanism. After the referee strikes it using the distant, a solenoid valve lets out a burst of air that shoots up a ball through a hole at the center of the table, across the web and also toward the player.
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Re: How music affects productivity

Postby AmyCowen » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:14 am

Is this project for a school assignment?

Are you testing each type of music for each person? On the same day? Are you testing without music?

There is a project on peppermint and reaction time (which it sounds like you are measuring -- not productivity) that may be helpful to look at. It isn't the same as yours (peppermint instead of music), but you may find it useful: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... es#summary

For background research, you should be searching online and/or at your library on the science questions you are exploring with your project.

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