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Project: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Gaming?

Postby neforimsLTIN » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:19 pm

At what point do you consider an individual addicted to a video game (psychological addiction)?

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Re: Project: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Gaming?

Postby tdaly » Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:41 am

Hi neforimsLTIN,

This kind of question (at what point do you consider someone to be __________?) comes up all the time in research, and ultimately it is up to the people doing a study to decide on criteria and justify them to the scientific community. Often, back-and-forth discussions take place as to what criteria should be used and how they should be measured before a consensus is reached. So, you're struggling with the kind of question that professional scientists have to deal with.

In the project "Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Gaming?", part of the procedure is to specify a cutoff score. Anyone who scores above that score is considered an addict for the purposes of your study. To help you decide what cutoff score you will use, think about what some symptoms of video game addition. This article discusses some factors: ... ion-no-fun

You can find other sources by doing an internet search for "video game addiction symptoms". The key thing is to relate people's answers to the questions in the study to the factors that suggest someone has an addiction. Ultimately, you should use the research you do to decide, based on the specific questions the study asked its participants, to decide what cutoff score qualifies as an addiction. Then, I suggest writing down your reasoning for choosing that particular cut off score.
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