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Testing the Effects of Different Spices on Bacteria

Postby aaliyasaquib03 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:24 pm

I need to do an experiment which tests the effects of basil,oregano and rosemary in both dried and fresh versions on chicken. I’ll also be testing ground cinnamon,clove and allspice. What I don’t understand is how to put the spices in the Petri dish. Should I put the whole spice and cover it with agar or should I create a paste?

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Re: Testing the Effects of Different Spices on Bacteria

Postby SciB » Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:33 pm


I am assuming from the title of your post that what you meant to say was that you are testing the effectiveness of these spices in inhibiting the growth of bacteria from spoiled chicken. Is that correct? If so then you had better check with your school to make sure that this type of experiment is approved. The kinds of bacteria that grow on chicken can be serious and even deadly human pathogens and working with them requires at least a biosafety level 2 containment facility which I doubt you have.

If you want to test the antibacterial properties of spices on bacteria then you will have to use the harmless E. coli K25 strain that you can purchase from Carolina Biologicals. These bacteria can be handled safely under level 1 conditions.

Better ask your teacher before you start this experiment. You need to learn more about working with bacteria before you undertake such a study. Scibuddies has a lot of information on this and Youtube has many, many videos that show the correct way to work with bacteria.


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