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Is this sound waves??

Postby kyobona » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:55 am


I recently found your professional website via Google search and was wondering if you were able to perhaps assist me.

You see, we are currently being harassed by our neighbour, something fierce. We live in a normal suburb and none of our houses are connected - there is actually a 5 meter space between our houses. I am currently attempting to gather evidence to forum a report so I may submit it to the police.

We are experiencing the following issues:

- Low and high frequencies. E.g. With the low frequency, we can feel the vibrations throughout our body and the high tends to hurt our ears.

- They use ultrasound frequencies, where our
physical ears cannot hear it but somehow our brain can still understand the words so to speak. If that makes sense.

- The sound has no issue with distance and seems to travel through walls easily

- We can suffer from the following symptoms: Muscle twitching, involuntary muscle contractions (including involuntary body movements), which can jolt us awake.

- Heating of the body or body temperature dysregulation (including hot flashes and chills). These can suddenly change, like waves. The chills can cause shivering.

- Sensations of pressure, touch, or vibrations.

A expert suggested that:

"Acoustic sounds go from around 40-50 Hz (called sub-bass,the very low frequency that you hear in electronic music for example) up to 20-30 Khz (depending on the person). Higher than that would be ultrasounds (but just a little higher). If you hear something 'in skull' I guess that it is because the emitter of sound is extremely directive (like a gun, but for sound)."

I need some advice, what type of aspects I am experiencing? Radio & microwave - EMF or audio waves (sound waves)? Which in your professional opinion matches the best as I have no idea myself.

Any advice would be appreciated



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Re: Is this sound waves??

Postby MadelineB » Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:41 pm

Hello Jessica,

These forums are to help students who are doing hands-on science projects, so the experts here won't be able to answer your questions. However, you are welcome to search this site. There is a database with over 1200 project ideas: ... e-projects

You could search that. You might also find information if you search this:

Hope this helps!


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