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Re: What is in a starch solution??

Postby Louise » Thu Apr 12, 2007 1:44 pm

jamestheconfused wrote:Hello there,

I am really confused by this whole project with the vitamin C thing. What is a starch solution????? I was told it was baking soda with water but it never mixed properly so the whole this was a flop! Please help and tell me what a starch solution is.[/b]

Who told you starch was baking soda?

This is starch:

There is no way that the experiment will work with baking soda, as it is completely the wrong chemical.


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testing vitamin C in orange juice

Postby mathisfun » Mon May 07, 2007 8:58 pm

Donna, your answers are great!!! I am doing that project as well and my experiment went well, but I do not understand how to determine how many mg of vitamin C I had in each juice. I made my starch solution and tested my control of Vitamin C and then 4 different types of orange juice. I counted the number of drops it took for the color to change, but I do not understand how to take my experiment and determine the mg of Vitamin c from my results. Do you have a formula I can use?

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

I have tested for vitamin C with iodine but do not know how to figure out how many mg of Vitamin C with the number of drops - do you have a formula?

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