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experiment suggestion

Postby douglass09 » Sun Sep 09, 2007 10:18 am

Hi, my name is Afrika. im interested in doing a project concerning the AIDs virus. I want to do a experiment that displays the way the AIDs virus attacks and effects the T-cell. What would be the best way to do so? What materials would best represent the AIDs virus and the T cell?

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Postby MelissaB » Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:38 am


I think you mean you want to build a model, not do an experiment--doing an actual experiment about HIV is far beyond the confines of a science fair!

What you will want is something large so that everyone will be able to see it easily, and probably something hollow or transparent so you can cut away a section and show what's going on inside the cell. You may also want to have multiple ones of these so you can show how HIV gets into the cell, then how it takes over the cell's machinery, how it replicates, etc. I'm not sure what the best material to use would be, but my guess would be some sort of sports ball, perhaps a basketball or one of those cheap plastic balls in grocery stores. You might also consider a small globular aquarium or vase. I would just go to your local store and look around to see what's available to you and make your decision then.

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