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HELP! Need a catchy title for my project

Postby markzuccerberger » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:32 pm

Hi there,

I am in need of a catch title for my science project. it is about if textbooks or digital textbooks are better to study with.
Right now, I have:

Are textbooks or e-textbooks better to study with?
Textbook vs. E-textbook
Teenager's choice: textbook or digital
Textbook or Digital Textbook

To me, all of these are super boring and wouldn't pique a judge's interest about my project. Can you please help me figure out something more fun?? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


moderator note: please do not post the same question more than once. I have deleted your duplicate post in the Grade 9: life sciences forum. Thank you.

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Re: HELP! Need a catchy title for my project

Postby RicaC » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:56 pm

Dear markzuccerberger,

Here are several ideas for a catchy title:
1) Battle of the Textbooks: Are textbooks or digital textbooks better to study with?
2) Which side are you on?: Textbooks or digital textbooks
3) Quest to find the best study aid: Textbooks or Digital Testbooks

I hope these ideas helps you. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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