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Mathematical Formula Needed

Postby huntleigh » Mon May 20, 2019 1:09 am

hello all
i have been working on this for a while, i am needing a mathematical formula to figure out how a certain amount of wind speed+ compressed air can carry how much weight
i am currently working on a hovercraft with a 320 kph/199 mph leaf blower, the hover craft will rely on compressed air at the centre of the skirt to build enough pressure to lift.
this has been going fine and in theory has 4900 pascal, 4.9 KPA and 0.710685 PSI but cant figure out how much weight this should be able to lift
it is fine if you just reply with the formula as a certain amount of my own brain work is needed and i need the formula to work this out and to show my working

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Re: Mathematical Formula Needed

Postby dcnick96 » Mon May 20, 2019 7:56 am

Hello. Please do not post duplicate threads of the same question. Our mentors are volunteers and they will respond as fast as possible. We have also posted your question to the Physical Sciences section. Hopefully, a mentor will respond soon to this thread.

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