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Computer science. Building an app to meet the needs of learners during the pandemic

Postby Sadiaak » Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:15 am

Hoping this message reaches you in good health .
For my science fair project .I would like to do something to help learners in my community acces to free learning materials as we are in lockdown and many are not able to acces the learning materials because they dont have enough resources. I have 3 options in mind . Building an app for them, adding something new on WhatsApp or like some type of direct messaging thing so they dont need acces to mobile data to learn .

Could you pls help me out with ideas on how I can solve this problem

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Re: Computer science. Building an app to meet the needs of learners during the pandemic

Postby AmyCowen » Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:55 pm

If you are working on a school-assigned project, have you already cleared this as a "science project" with your teacher? Depending on what you decide to do, this may or may not meet the expectations of your project.

Do you have programming experience?

We can direct you to computer science projects at Science Buddies, but they won't guide you specifically in creating a resource to share STEM resources.

Providing "learning resources" is a very broad topic. After ensuring that your project is approved, you will want to think specifically about what kinds of resources you want to be able to offer and then what the best approach might be.

The Engineering Design Process guide can help you think about the problem and brainstorm solutions. ... cess-guide

For some projects you might look at to think about creating apps or programming something, see:
Staying Healthy with Personal Medicine Apps (not the subject matter you have in mind for an app, but projects like this help you think about different approaches) ... icine-apps

Can You Crowdsource a Better School Environment? ... nvironment

Scratch is a coding environment you may want to try if you are learning to code: ... th-scratch

You can view Scratch projects here:

To browser other computer science projects: ... &x=,0,0&s=

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